React vs React Native

React vs React Native: What’s the difference?

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React and React Native are two powerful technologies that are behind some of the most popular web and mobile applications in the world today. You’re probably not even aware, but you use at least one of the two every single day. So what’s the difference between React vs React Native?

React and React Native are two technologies used in the development of web and mobile applications. Both use JavaScript and are known for building web and mobile user interfaces (UI).

As you read on, we’ll break down the differences between React vs React Native, define their strengths and weaknesses, and provide some examples of companies that have adopted the two technologies.


History of programming languages

History of programming languages

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Computer programming is the very basis of the digital age that we live in today. Every time you like a post on social media, send an email, or set an alarm on your phone, a programming language is working behind the scenes – pulling the strings. 

But where did it all begin? And what spurred its growth into the leading industry that exists today? Most of all, why is knowing the history of programming languages important to hiring developers?

Join us, as we embark on a tour of the history of programming languages. This retrospective will demonstrate how much computer programming has developed over the years.  It’ll take you back from the early languages and complicated machine code to sophisticated human-readable language that powers our favorite technologies today. 


How to screen PHP developer skills Blog

How to screen PHP developer skills

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The popular scripting language PHP has been around for the last 25 years. Like Python, PHP is another programming language developed by a single developer as a side project during the ’90s. The longevity of this script means a fair amount of time has passed for software engineers to work on their PHP developer skills. 

According to W3Techs’ データ, PHP is used by 78.3% of all websites with a known server-side programming language with approximately 40 million live websites using PHP as we speak. That means almost 8 out of every 10 websites that you visit on the Internet are using PHP in some way. 


The 2020 employee development plan that works wonders

The 2020 employee development plan that works wonders

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Employees are your greatest asset – one that is hard to attract and even harder to retain. What can you do to appeal to the best talent and make sure they stay with you longer?  Create an employee development plan (EDP).

In this article, we’re going to discuss the process of creating an employee development plan, the benefits for you and your employees, and share an example of an effective EDP. 


How to make the most of a skills gap analysis Blog


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According to a study by SHRM, 75% of HR professionals say there is a shortage of skills in candidates for job openings. As many as 83% report struggling with recruiting suitable candidates. However, not all employers know how to identify and bridge this competency gap. One of the best ways of doing this is by conducting a skills gap analysis. Below, we discuss how it can help your business achieve its goals by guiding your recruitment efforts and making the most of your employees’ skills.


良い仕事の書き方ガイド ブログ


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Recruiting is a seriously competitive industry. And first impressions matter. That’s why your job description writing skills are an important weapon of your organizational armory and why writing a good job posting is essential to success.  

最も効果的な職務記述書は、魅力的で包括的であると同時に、明確で、簡潔で、要点を押さえたものである。誰でも理解できるようにしましょう。優れた求人情報を掲載することで、適切な人材に応募してもらうことができ、応募者数を減らすことができます。 タイム・トゥ・フィル。



HR Best Practices Blog


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It’s the year 2020 and the way we hire, develop, and terminate staff is rapidly evolving. It’s now a better time than ever to examine whether your hr best practices are in sync. 

知っていましたか? 83% of employers believe attracting and retaining talent is a growing challenge?

Or that 93% of employees say they’re more likely to stay at an organization with an empathetic employer.

The methodology of hiring and retaining staff in such an environment is not simple. Then, add a bunch of young job-hunters with different mindsets from previous generations and it doesn’t become easier. 


What You Need to Know About the Skills Gap Blog


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Tech recruiters find it extremely hard to hire highly-skilled employees. In fact, 64% of HR managers believe that employees won’t be able to keep up the pace with future skills development needs. While 70% of employees admit they haven’t yet acquired all the necessary skills to perform their current job. While the disruption caused by COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted the US labor market, the skills gap will remain once the crisis is over.

The skill gap leads to recruitment problemsIf the skills gap is not addressed, it might lead to a serious recruitment crisis. In the following article, we’re going to talk about what strategic, forward-looking talent managers should know about the skills gap and what they can do to mitigate it. 


Tomasz Nurkiewicz algorithmic test


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How does the average person hire a top-notch tailor? They ask the candidates to show them what they’ve stitched so far, maybe even ask them to sew something fast. Then they’ll observe the results, noting how well they operate the sewing machine, the organization of the workplace, and assess the tailor’s attention to detail. Are they wasting too much fabric or simply not doing a very good job?

How do software developers hire top-notch tailors? Well, it would probably go a little something like this; This is a whiteboard. Please draw the difference between Ghiordes and Senneh knot. Derive the length of thread as a function of fabric’s surface area”.

Honestly, I believe that a top-notch tailor should know the difference, but what are we really verifying here? Do you want an elegant jacket or an elegant equation on a whiteboard? 続きを読む



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リモートワークが増加しています - Bufferの統計によると、在宅ワークの数は驚異的に増加しています。 リモートワーカーの98% は、キャリアを終えるまで在宅勤務を希望しています。世界の採用市場は、リモートワークのトレンドにどのように対応しているのでしょうか?

リクルート業界の専門家10人に、リモートワークの今後の動向についての意見を聞いてみました - 特にCOVID-19のパンデミックを踏まえて。彼らの予測は以下の通りです。



採用ビデオを作成する方法 - ショートガイド

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雇用者はどのようにして 見せる 採用前に組織文化を理解するためには、どのような方法があるのでしょうか?一つの方法は、採用ビデオを作成することです。採用ビデオとは、会社の外観、感触、信頼性を捉えたショートフィルムで、貴社で働くことがどのようなものであるかを潜在的な候補者に示すものです。




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適材適所の人材を見つけることは、あなたの会社の成功に不可欠です。ビジネスの著者として カミール・トゥーム どのようなビジネスにおいても、本当の競争優位性は一言だけであり、それは人である」と言います。 


スキル評価の面接について知っておきたいことばかり ブログ


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知っていましたか? 就職希望者の78% 60%がほとんど使ったことのないスキルの習得を宣言して、募集中に嘘をつく?ショックですよね。幸いなことに、スキル診断面接を利用して、候補者のスキルを確認することができます。 





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フルライフサイクルリクルーティングは、戦略的な採用決定を行う能力を与えてくれます。 成果を上げるためにはどうすればいいのでしょうか?