5 Essential Tactics to Recruiting Tech Talent [our guest post on SmartRecruiters]

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A lot of companies are complaining that there is a shortage of available developers and the good ones are hired really quickly. This makes the IT 勧誘 process really tough and  makes technical 勧誘員 look for effective ways to accelerate the IT hiring process. Check out our tips on how to recruit tech talents so that you can be first to get to the ones with greatest potential and value for your IT team.

In article “The 5 Essential Tactics to Recruiting Tech Talent” published on SmartRecruiters we cover 5 tactics to streamline your IT recruiting process:

1. You cannot afford to miss a single valuable candidate

As a tech recruiter you have a hunch about the candidate that they can be a good fit for your company. You don’t want to waste your developers time interviewing a sub-par candidate and you don’t want to miss a good candidate either. That’s where コーディングテスト that verify programming 技能 on real programming tasks can help you. This way you can be sure that you’ll find diamonds in the rough.

In the article we also cover the following issues:

2. Recruit fast — you don’t have time to lose

3. A candidate’s knowledge of a programming language is not enough

4. Test developers skills in real-world environments with genuine programming challenges

5. Use Code review challenges to evaluate a candidate’s familiarity of デザイン patterns and coding practices

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