50 most game-changing influencers in recruitment [also for IT recruiters]

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To be the best you have to learn from the best. That’s why we gathered a list of specialists in 勧誘 that you should listen to, who are worth your time. They are the people that change the ways of recruiting, finding new paths, streamlining recruitment process and squeezing out the most of recruiting funnels.

On daily basis we focus on information for IT 勧誘員, but the mentioned specialists go far beyond it, being inspiration to the whole recruiting world.

We’ve chosen influencers that are active not only on twitter but also share their knowledge in valuable articles or podcasts.

This way you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel”. Use their advise, combine them all together and 醸し出す your perfect process of recruiting.

We divided these 50 recruiting influencers into following groups:

  • Generalists in recruiting,
  • Commentators/editors/writers,
  • Marketing recruitment,
  • Social recruiting,
  • Technical recruiting,
  • HR technology.

The influencers are ordered in certain groups according to the number of followers on twitter. As for the order of groups, we just liked it this way 🙂

Please remember to congratulate the influencers that inspire you, because they deserve it!

Generalists in recruiting

icon-twitter1. Matt Buckland

Head of Talent at Lyst

Matt BucklandWhy you should follow him: Matt have a vast experience in recruiting in various areas: software development, trading, financial services and sales. If you look for some tips on how to デザイン and implement recruitment strategies, from sourcing initiatives, recruitment process re-engineering, through establishing best practice for liaison with Human Resources, to building teams of recruiters that drive up quality and drive down costs, then this the person you should follow.

Expert in: recruiting, talent acquisition

Followers: 99.4k

Where you can read him: the King’s Shilling

Congratulate Matt Buckland


2. クレイグ・フィッシャー

Director Talent Acquisition Marketing, Employer Brand at CA Technologies

クレイグ・フィッシャーWhy you should follow him: Craig helps people and businesses tell their stories better, and merge disparate elements to be clear and consistent. This way the companies can attract better talent around them.

Expert in: recruiting, employer branding

Followers: 70k

Where you can read and listen to him: Fishdog Blog, SHRM Blog

Congratulate Craig Fisher

icon-twitter3. Jason Buss

Head of Global Talent Acquisition & Diversity of New Relic

Jason BussWhy you should follow him: Jason is a recognized expert with deep experience in identifying, recruiting and hiring high-performing teams. He is open to share his expertise in strategy and recruiting and workforce かんり solutions.

Expert in: recruiting, talent acquisition

Followers: 57.3k

Where you can read him: TalentHQ Blog

Congratulate Jason Buss

icon-twitter4. Greg Savage

Founder of Recruitment Solutions, Firebrand Talent

Greg SavageWhy you should follow him: As a recruiter with 35 years experience, Greg is a leader of the global recruitment industry and is a regular keynote speaker at staffing conferences around the world. If you are looking for frank and honest insights and commentary on recruitment and leadership, then Greg should be your choice.

Expert in: recruiting, leadership

Followers: 47.2k

Where you can read him: The Savage Truth, LinkedIn

Congratulate Greg Savage

icon-twitter5. Jennifer McClure

Founder & President of Unbridled Talent

Jennifer McClureWhy you should follow her: Jennifer shows a mix of inspiration, how-to, and strategic discussions to attract, recruit and retain the best talent in teams.

Expert in: recruiting strategy, personal branding, leadership

Followers: 47k

Where you can read her: Unbridled Talent Blog

Congratulate Jennifer McClure

icon-twitter6. Charlie Judy

founding partner at WorkXO

Charlie JudyWhy you should follow him: Judy is working to make HR “less complex and more valuable…more about the human and less about the resource.” He believes the future of work is not about better HR systems, technologies, but rather humanizing the workplace.

Expert in: talent acquisition and management, recruitment

Followers: 26.1k

Where you can read and listen to him: WorkXo Blog

Congratulate Charlie Judy

icon-twitter7. Sharlyn Lauby

President of ITM Group

Sharlyn LaubyWhy you should follow her: If you agree that human resources is a strategic partner – the marketing department for a company’s internal clients rather as administrative, then you should follow Sharlyn. She is more than happy to share her vast and hands-on experience in HR.

Expert in: leadership, employee engagement, recruiting

Followers: 23.4k

Where you can read her: HR Bartender, SHRM Blog

Congratulate Sharlyn Lauby

icon-twitter8. Robin Schooling

VP Human Resources at Gaming and Leisure Properties, Inc.

Robin SchoolingWhy you should follow her: Robin is on a mission to make organizations better by making HR better. She is also called “Humanizer of HR” or “Story Architect”. She explores what HR does (and why we do it) by discussing the intricacies, complexities, and absurdities.

Expert in: talent management, recruiting

Followers: 23.3k

Where you can read her: Robin Schooling Blog, LinkedIn, SHRM Blog

Congratulate Robin Schooling

icon-twitter9. イリナ・シャマエバ

Founder of Sourcing Certification

イリナ・シャマエバWhy you should follow her: Irina’s mission is to help fellow professionals “speak Boolean” to various systems. She practices Internet research while performing Sourcing Projects for clients in various industries and uncovers easy-to-replicate ways to find target professionals and relevant competitive intelligence information. She shares willingly these sourcing tips with Recruiters, Talent Acquisition, and Staffing professionals.

Expert in: 調達

Followers: 21.7k

Where you can read her: Boolean Strings Blog, LinkedIn

Congratulate Irina Shamaeva

icon-twitter10. Michael Kelemen, Recruiting Animal


Recruiting AnimalWhy you should follow him: This HR influencer you just cannot miss. Animal loves the recruiting industry. You can agree or disagree with him, but you still will appreciate his passion for HR profession.

Expert in: 勧誘

Followers: 21.7k

Where you can read and listen to him: Recruiting Animal Show

Congratulate Recruiting Animal

icon-twitter11. Jeanne Meister

Partner at Future Workplace

Jeanne MeisterWhy you should follow her: If you are looking for an answer on how オンライン technologies and the advent of digital and social media are changing the ways in which companies source talent and customize employee development, then you should definitely follow Jeanne. She assists companies in re-thinking, re-defining and re-imagining their corporate recruiting, learning & talent management strategies to prepare for the future workplace and she is more than happy to share her experience.

Expert in: talent acquisition, corporate learning, HR trends

Followers: 19.6k

Where you can read her: Forbes, Articles 

Congratulate Jeanne Meister

icon-twitter12. Shanna Landolt

Presidet of Secrets From a Headhunter

Shanna LandoltWhy you should follow her: Shanna works with corporations to leverage the combined power of their employee’s networks to attract talent. So if you are looking for a way to lower the amount you are spending on your hiring budget, while increasing the speed and quality of the candidates you hire, you should turn to her.

Expert in: recruiting, referral recruitment, LinkedIn recruitment

Followers: 18k

Where you can read her: Secrets from a Headhunter Blog, LinkedIn

Congratulate Shanna Landolt


13. Laurie Ruettimann

Founder of LFR LLC

Laurie RuettimannWhy you should read her: Speaker, writer and human resources expert who advises executive leaders on HR, marketing and technology trends. Laurie pushes the boundaries of what’s really possible in Human Resources.

Expert in: recruiting, HR, HR software

Followers: 14.4k

Where you can read her: The Cynical Girl, LinkedIn, EREメディア 

Congratulate Laurie Ruettimann


14. Amybeth Quinn

Recruitment sourcing leader for HP Engineering

Amybeth QuinnWhy you should follow her: Amybeth is a sourcing and recruiting professional. She began her career in sourcing working within the agency world as an Internet Researcher. Over the years, she has worked in both agency and corporate sourcing and recruiting roles. She’s returned to her first love, sourcing.

Expert in: recruiting, sourcing

Followers: 11.7k

Where you can read her: ResearchGoddess Blog, Sourcecon

Congratulate Amybeth Quinn

icon-twitter15. Sabrina Baker

Founder of Acacia HR Solutions

Sabrina BakerWhy you should follow her: Sabrina makes human resource management easier. Regardless of whether it is a compliance issue or finding the right talent, she wants to simplify human resources and allow leaders to get back to focusing on their business. She helps small businesses scale their HR and Recruiting strategy to fit their budget and resources in a manner that still lets them recruit and retain employees like a big business. So if this is your case, then you should follow Sabrina.

Expert in: Leadership and Communication, Social Recruiting, Recruiting on a Budget

Followers: 11.5k

Where you can read her: Acacia HR Solutions Blog, SHRM Blog, LinkedIn

Congratulate Sabrina Baker

icon-twitter16. Lou Adler

CEO and founder of The Adler Group

Lou AdlerWhy you should follow him: Lou is recruiting industry expert, international speaker, and columnist for a number of major recruiting and HR organization sites. He is the one that will help you improve your hiring process with concept of Performance-based Hiring.

Expert in: recruiting, finding & hiring talents

Followers: 10.4k

Where you can read him: LinkedIn, Inc.

Congratulate Lou Adler

icon-twitter17. John Sullivan

Professor at San Francisco State University

ジョン・サリバン博士Why you should follow him: “Michael Jordan of Hiring”, “the father of HR metrics” and “One of the industries most respected strategists” – that’s how industry is calling him. Dr Sullivan specializes in providing bold and high business impact as well as strategic Talent Management solutions.

Expert in: talent management, recruiting

Followers: 3987

Where you can read and listen to him: Dr John Sullivan Blog, EREメディア

Congratulate dr John Sullivan


icon-twitter18. Jeremy Roberts

editor of ソースコン

Jeremy RobertsWhy you should follow him: Jeremy describes himself as “Sourcer and Recruiter turned Editor and Conference Organizer”. He worked in Talent Acquisition and Recruiting industry for more than a decade. He has broad experience in diverse environments, including third party agency settings, recruitment process outsourcing providers, and internal corporate HR departments.

Expert in: recruiting, talent acquisition, 調達

Followers: 65.1k

Where you can read him: EREメディア, LinkedIn

Congratulate Jeremy Roberts

icon-twitter19. John Sumser

founder and editor-in-chief at HRExaminer

John Sumser

Why you should follow him: If you are looking for someone digging into the realities of HR Practitioner experience with technology, then John should be your choice. He shares his views on how to find, hire and keep the best employees, how people work, how companies and systems affect employees and how changing economies and technology alter the nature of work itself.

Expert in: HR technology, employer branding

Followers: 29.2k

Where you can read and listen to him: HRExaminer Radio, HRExaminer

Congratulate John Sumser


20. Matt Charney

Executive Editor for 毎日の採用活動

Matt CharneyWhy you should follow him: HR & Recruiting Nerd. Gangsta. His articles are insightful and snarky. Nobody knows the intersection of tech and practitioners more than Matt Charney so it’s always inspiring to read his posts.

Expert in: 勧誘

Followers: 16,1K

Where you can read him: 毎日の採用活動, Snark Attack, fistful of talent

Congratulate Matt Charney

icon-twitter21. トッド・ラファエル

Editor-in-Chief of ERE.net

ToddRaphaelWhy you should follow him: A well-known and recognized expert in recruitment field. Todd shares not only his views on HR trends and technology, but also cooperates with contributors of ERE Media to deliver valuable information and insights.

Expert in: recruiting, HR trends, HR technology

Followers: 7720

Where you can read him: EREメディア

Congratulate Todd Raphael

icon-twitter22. Jackye Clayton

editor of RecruitingTools.com

Jackye Clayton

Why you should follow her: Jackye uses her sense of humor, understanding of recruiting and HR to knock out informative and valuable blog posts about tools recruiters use, will use or should use in order to hire top talents.

Expert in: HR technology, HR tools

Followers: 7335

Where you can read her: RecruitingTools, LinkedIn

Congratulate Jackye Clayton

Marketing recruitment

icon-twitter23. Maren Hogan

Chief Marketing Brain at Red Branch Media

Maren HoganWhy you should follow her: If you are looking for a way to kick marketing in your recruitment then Maren is the right choice to get inspired. She shares her experience in marketing, community and social and implements it to recruiting, talent acquisition and HR.

Expert in: recruiting marketing, social marketing

Followers: 23.4k

Where you can read her: marenated blog, LinkedIn, TalentCulture

Congratulate Maren Hogan

icon-twitter24. ベン・スレーター

VP Growth at ビーマリー

ベン・スレーターWhy you should follow him: He shares insightful articles on how to use marketing and growth hacking approach in recruitment. He likes playing with words and helping companies hire better. Wannabe athlete and keen traveller.

Expert in: recruitment marketing

Followers: 7122

Where you can read him: Beamery Blog, LinkedIn, TalentCulture Blog

Congratulate Ben Slater

Social recruiting


25. Tony Restell

Director of Social-Hire.com

Tony RestellWhy you should follow him: Tony has over a decade of experience in online recruitment and social media. He is passionate about social media marketing and the role that it can play in building company brand to attract candidates and generate leads.

Expert in: ソーシャルリクルーティング

Followers: 43.7k

Where you can read him: Social-Hire Blog

Congratulate Tony Rustell


26. Stacy Donovan Zapar

Founder & Principal Strategist at Tenfold

Stacy Donovan Zapar

Why you should follow her: If you are looking for a way to attract the right talents then Stacy will be of great help. She says “I just share what I know, share what I love, and that’s honestly how I’ve gotten every client so far.”

Expert in: social recruiting and sourcing, talent branding, recruiting strategy

Followers: 38.5k

Where you can read her: LinkedIn

Congratulate Stacy Donovan Zapar

icon-twitter27. ジム・ストラウド

RPO SR Recruitment Strategies & Support Director at ランスタッド サーサーライト べいこく


Why you should follow him: If you are looking for info on social recruiting and sourcing strategy, then Jim is a great source. He has built an expertise in lead generation strategies and social media recruiting,  he is an expert in attracting and engaging passive candidates.

Expert in: social recruiting, sourcing

Followers: 27.1k

Where you can read and listen to him: articles, Its All Recruiting, The Jim Stroud Show

Congratulate Jim Stroud

icon-twitter28. グレン・キャシー

SVP Talent Acquisition Strategy and Innovation at Kforce


Why you should follow him: Expert in leveraging information systems to achieve Just-In-Time talent identification and acquisition – sourcing, recruiting, and hiring candidates. Glen lives and breathes all things related to talent attraction, engagement and acquisition, and more specifically leveraging process and technology to identify and hire more of the right people more quickly.

Expert in: social recruiting, sourcing

Followers: 25.3k

Where you can read him: Boolean Black Belt-Sourcing/Recruiting Blog

Congratulate Glen Cathey

icon-twitter29. Bill Boorman

Managing Director – Technology & Innovation of RecruitingDaily.com

Bill BoormanWhy you should follow him: Bill has worked in and around recruiting for the last 30 years. He has a 簡明 vision to make recruitment better for everyone. Content production and social recruiting are his key areas of focus.

Expert in: social recruiting, recruiting marketing

Followers: 23.3k

Where you can read him: RecruitingDaily Podcast

Congratulate Bill Boorman

icon-twitter30. Steve Levy

Principal: Recruiting, Talent, and Social Media Consultant at Recruiting Inferno Consulting

Steve LevyWhy you should follow him: Steve is jazzed by solving talent problems. He claims to know the mythical purple squirrels. If you are looking for someone that is able to identify and engage exceptional talent, you should get to know Steve.

Expert in: sourcing, talent acquisition, social recruiting

Followers: 21.5k

Where you can read him: Recruiting Inferno Blog, RecruitingBlogs

Congratulate Steve Levy

icon-twitter31. Andy Headworth

Managing Director of Sirona Consulting Ltd

Andy Headworth

Why you should follow him: Go to Andy if you want to find out more about leveraging social media and technology to improve company’s recruitment strategy, social recruiting and recruitment marketing. Evangelist and thought leader in HR.

Expert in: social recruiting, sourcing, recruiting marketing

Followers: 20.5k

Where you can read him: Sirona Says Blog

Congratulate Andy Headworth

icon-twitter32. Johnny Campbell

CEO and co-founder of ソーシャルタレント

Johnny Campbell

Why you should follow him: He  is on a mission to turn every recruiter in the world into a “Black Belt in Internet Recruitment”. He is turning Recruiters into Sourcing Ninjas since 2010.  He is a regular conference speaker on social media in recruitment.

Expert in: sourcing, social recruiting, recruitment marketing

Followers: 18,3K

Where you can read him:: LinkedIn, Recruiting Blogs

Congratulate Johnny Campbell

icon-twitter33. Matt Alder

Digital, Social and モバイル Marketing Strategist at MetaShift

Matt Alder

Why you should follow him: His vast experience in helping employers with their digital strategies enables him to share unique insights on the opportunities emerging technologies can offer both organisations and the people who work for them. From Matt you can learn how to connect to the best talent, improve ROI and drive value via digital, social and mobile recruitment marketing strategies and techniques.

Expert in: social recruiting, mobile recruiting, employer branding

Followers: 13,7K

Where you can read and listen to him: LinkedIn, Recruiting Future

Congratulate Matt Alder

icon-twitter34. Mervyn Dinnen

Talent Acquisition Analyst at Talent Insight


Why you should follow him: Mervyn shows how emerging trends are impacting hiring, retention and engagement in the HR, recruitment and technology sectors. You can also learn from him how to use a broad range of social and digital content for engaging talent.

Expert in: social recruiting, HR trends

Followers: 13.3k

Where you can read him: T Recs, LinkedIn

Congratulate Mervyn Dinnen

icon-twitter35. Katrina Collier

Social Media Recruitment Trainer at Winning Impression

Katrina Collier

Why you should follow her: Katrina understand the pressures you face attracting the best talent, the people that ensure your company’s success and she is happy to share her hands-on experience on how to win them over. You can learn from her how to recruit through social media.

Expert in: ソーシャルリクルーティング

Followers: 6173

Where you can read and listen to her: Winning Impression Blog, The #SocialRecruiting Show

Congratulate Katrina Collier

Technical recruitment

icon-twitter36. Joe Burridge

Tech Recruiter at Hudl

Joe BurridgeWhy you should follow him: Social Media Addict. He believes that interactions are crucial, no matter whether you are reaching out to talented professionals discussing job opportunities  or speaking to other recruiters for advice or sharing opinions.

Expert in: technical recruiting, social recruiting

Followers: 50,5K

Where you can read him: Joe Blogs, LinkedIn

Congratulate Joe Burridge

HR technology

icon-twitter37. William Tincup

founder of Key Interval Research

William Tincup

Why you should follow him: As William states: “he’s busy building maps of the intersection of HR and technology”. His passion involves separating myth from fact. He is really curious about the way people use and experience HR Technology.

Expert in: HR technology

Followers: 286k

Where you can read him: LinkedIn, fistful of talent

Congratulate William Tincup

icon-twitter38. Meghan M. Biro

CEO of Talent Culture

Meghan M. Biro

Why you should follow her: “Meghan believes that, for companies to succeed in the 21st-century world of work, they must build dynamic cultures that are hardwired to social media.” You can learn from her how powerful culture can be for talent management.

Expert in: talent management, HR technology

Followers: 121k

Where you can read and listen to her: TalentCulture, #WorkTrends

Congratulate Meghan M. Biro

icon-twitter39. Kevin W. Grossman

Vice-President at Talent Board

Kevin W. Grossman

Why you should follow him: Due to his extensive experience, Kevin is familiar with the HR and recruiting technology marketplace, including talent management, talent sourcing and acquisition, video interviewing, assessment, background screening, and training.

Expert in: HR technology, recruiting, candidate experience

Followers: 58.9k

Where you can read and listen to him: LinkedIn, TalentCulture

Congratulate Kevin W. Grossman

icon-twitter40. Kris Dunn

Chief Human Resources Officer, Partner at Kinetix

Kris Dunn

Why you should follow him:  He has a strong passion for talent acquisition and management. His eyes get glossy when HR people start talking about being strategic without being specific. You can learn from Kris about intersection of the HR practice, technology and business results in today’s organizations.

Expert in: recruiting, HR technology

Followers: 39.6k

Where you can read him: Kinetix Blogfistful of talent, The HR Capitalist

Congratulate Kris Dunn

icon-twitter41. Trish McFarlane

CEO of HRringleader, Co-Host of the HR Happy Hour Show

Trish McFarlane

Why you should follow her: Trish is a true ‘game changer.’ Bored with traditional conferences, she cofounded HRevolution to encourage a different kind of industry collaboration. She inspires collaboration and innovative ideas in the human resource industry.

Expert in: talent acquisition and management, HR technology

Followers: 35.6k

Where you can read and listen to her: HRringleader Blog, HR Happy Hour Show

Congratulate Trish McFarlane

icon-twitter42. Steve Boese

HR Technology Conference Co-Chair, Co-Host of the HR Happy Hour Show

Steve Boese

Why you should follow him: Steve focus is on the implementation of technology solutions to solve business problems which makes him one of the most influential players in talent technology.

Expert in: HR technology, social recruiting

Followers: 35.6k

Where you can read and listen to him: Steve Boese’s HR Technology blog, fistful of talent, HR Happy Hour Show

Congratulate Steve Boese


43. Tim Sackett

President at HRU Technical Resources

Tim Sackett

Why you should follow him: Strong believer the most important thing an organization can do is increase it’s core talent base. Tim split his career half between recruiting and half between HR generalist roles, half between the HR vendor community and Corporate America, – so, he gets it from both sides of the desk.

Expert in: recruiting, HR technology

Followers: 28.1k

Where you can read him: The Tim Sackett Project, fistful of talent, LinkedIn

Congratulate Tim Sackett

icon-twitter44. Jay Kuhns

Human Resources Exec at Kinetix

jay kuhns

Why you should follow him: Jay is a “Type A” leader who understands that human resources leadership and talent acquisition is about high energy, creativity, strong personal connections and making changes that push organizations forward. He gets fired up about RPO, talent, social media, so if you are looking for some inspiration in that fields you should follow him.

Expert in: HR technology, social media in HR, leadership

Followers: 22.7k

Where you can read him: NoExcusesHR Blog

Congratulate Jay Kuhns

icon-twitter45. Bill Kutik

host of Firing Line with Bill Kutik & Radio Show

Bill Kutik

Why you should follow him: Bill is father of the popular HR Tech Conference. If you are looking for an expert in HR technology then you should definitely follow Bill Kutik.

Expert in: HR technology, recruiting, talent management

Followers: 14.1k

Where you can read and listen to him: LinkedIn, Firing Line with Bill Kutik®, HRE

Congratulate Bill Kutik

icon-twitter46. Chris Russell

Managing Director at ChrisRussell.io

Chris Russell

Why you should follow him: Meet Chris – he is “the mad scientist of online recruiting”. He is always experimenting in the online recruiting space. From new job boards to recruiting apps, the art of bringing together employer and job seeker is a constant thought inside his head.

Expert in: HR technology, online recruiting, employer branding

Followers: 8056

Where you can read him: ChrisRussel.io Blog, LinkedIn, EREメディア

Congratulate Chris Russel

icon-twitter47. ウィル・ステイニー

Founder & Principal of ProactiveTalent


Why you should follow him: Will is on mission to help recruiting evolve just as the talent landscape has evolved. “What used to be a world consumed by job boards, applications, automation and job hunters is now a place of social recruiting – one where referrals, analytics and integrated recruiting rule”. A passionate professional for building what he calls “modern recruiting machines”.

Expert in: HR technology, talent acquisition, employer branding

Followers: 7 543

Where you can read him: ProactiveTalent.io Blog

Congratulate Will Staney

icon-twitter48. Jerome Ternynck

Founder & CEO of スマートリクルーターズ

Jerome Ternynck

Why you should follow him: An entrepreneur with his heart in recruiting and his soul in technology. From him you can learn how to attract talent, improve candidate experience and how to use marketing in recruitment.

Expert in: recruiting, HR technology

Followers: 6 795

Where you can read him: SmartRecruiters Blog, Inc

Congratulate Jerome Ternynck

icon-twitter49. George Larocque

President of Larocque, Founder and Conference Chair at InfluenceHR

George Larocque

Why you should follow him: If you want to be up-to-date with innovation in HR Technology, then you should definitely follow George and his #HRWins award that he founded, granted to hot HR companies that you need to know about. He is a well-known leading B2B HR Tech Vendor Advisor always willing to share his experience and opinions on HR technology.

Expert in: HR technology

Followers: 4413

Where you can read him: Larocque, LinkedIn

Congratulate George Larocque

icon-twitter50. Joe Abusamra

Product Marketing at Acendre

Joe AbusamraWhy you should follow him: Joe has a vast hands-on knowledge in marketing which he combines with specific experience in cloud-based technologies for talent acquisition and talent management.

Expert in: HR technology, talent acquisition, employee engagement

Followers: 3674

Where you can read him: Acendre Blog, TalentCulture, LinkedIn, SHRM Blog

Congratulate Joe Abusamra