We asked recruiters to give their biggest pains in tech recruitment blog

We asked recruiters to give their biggest pains in tech recruitment

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At DevSkiller, we work hard every day to make tech recruitment better. We also know that the people who best know how to make it better are the people who are actively engaged in the process and know their biggest pains. These are the recruiters, executives, and hiring managers on the front line, fighting to place the right candidates in the right positions.

The only way the tech recruiters can get better is if the tech recruitment community share our biggest pains and successes. With that in mind, we decided to ask people involved in tech recruitment what their biggest pains were and also as a bonus, what the features are of excellent tech recruitment process. Because this is for the community, we promised to share the results with everybody. Keep reading below to see what your peers we’re hiring developers are dealing with and how are they being successful. 


How many programming languages are there blog

How many programming languages are there?

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Did you know that there are approximately 6500 spoken languages in the world? We bet that number is more than you would have guessed. Now have you ever wondered – how many programming languages are there?

The answer might also surprise you.

Wikipedia claims there are approximately 700 programming languages, while others say that number is closer to 9000! The truth is, there’ve been countless programming languages created throughout history. But like spoken languages, there’s a hierarchy of programming languages based on their prevalence and usage. 


Hiring discrimination – examples and how to prevent it

Hiring discrimination – examples and how to prevent it

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によると McKinsey study conducted in Latin America, employees who work at companies committed to diversity are 150% more likely to display creativity and initiative in the workspace. In fact, for many years, it’s been a well-known fact that diverse teams are more productive. How do you make sure you create a diversified workplace? One way is ensuring that your organization is free of any form of hiring discrimination.


How to screen front end developer skills - HTML and CSS Blog

How to screen front end developer skills – HTML and CSS

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HTML and CSS are two of the most fundamental front end developer skills. You’d be hard-pressed to come across a web developer who doesn’t have at least a basic understanding of the two stalwarts. However, some believe that HTML and CSS shouldn’t be given the same respect as other languages because neither requires any internal logic. That’s because HTML and CSS are declarative languages that instruct a web browser to render web pages rather than use computational code.

Despite what some may think, it’s becoming increasingly valuable for developers to possess in-depth knowledge and expertise of theses two languages. Verifying a developer’s HTML and CSS skills is as important as ascertaining skills in languages like Java and C++. Surely, anyone vaguely technical should have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. In the end, that’s all you need, right? Not exactly.

HTML and CSS make up the backbone of front end development along with JavaScript. In fact, you’ll also find quite a lot of back-end developers who use these languages on a regular basis. While you will never find a developer who solely uses these languages, HTML and CSS are critical enough to modern software development to ensure that front end developers are able to use them effectively. While they are simple to get started with, advanced applications require in-depth skill and understanding. It’s essential to verify that your developer has this understanding.

Check out more qualities of a software engineer.


Tech recruiter job description template

Tech recruiter job description template

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What is tech recruitment all about, and what does a tech recruiter do? Our tech recruiter job description template tells you everything you need to know.

によると ジョン・サリバン博士, a recruiter’s primary responsibility is to provide their company’s teams with the very best coworkers that they can afford by proactively placing the best career opportunities directly in front of interested top talent.” Essentially, tech recruiters specialize in finding the right people for technical and IT-related jobs in a range of industries. They are responsible for identifying, screening, and qualifying candidates for a variety of positions. They also have to review and present the resumes to hiring managers and handle multiple human resources duties, including employee relations, compensation, and training. 

Tech recruiter Job Description

It might not sound difficult at first, but recruiting and retaining top tech talent is not the easiest task nowadays. Skilled tech candidates are already in high demand. In fact, only about 6.4% of developers are currently unemployed and looking for work. At the same time, though, almost three-quarters of developers already employed are interested in hearing about new job opportunities.


How to screen PHP developer skills Blog

How to screen PHP developer skills

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The popular scripting language PHP has been around for the last 25 years. Like Python, PHP is another programming language developed by a single developer as a side project during the ’90s. The longevity of this script means a fair amount of time has passed for software engineers to work on their PHP developer skills. 

According to W3Techs’ データ, PHP is used by 78.3% of all websites with a known server-side programming language with approximately 40 million live websites using PHP as we speak. That means almost 8 out of every 10 websites that you visit on the Internet are using PHP in some way. 


What You Need to Know About the Skills Gap Blog

What you need to know about the skills gap

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Tech recruiters find it extremely hard to hire highly-skilled employees. In fact, 64% of HR managers believe that employees won’t be able to keep up the pace with future skills development needs. While 70% of employees admit they haven’t yet acquired all the necessary skills to perform their current job. While the disruption caused by COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted the US labor market, the skills gap will remain once the crisis is over.

The skill gap leads to recruitment problemsIf the skills gap is not addressed, it might lead to a serious recruitment crisis. In the following article, we’re going to talk about what strategic, forward-looking talent managers should know about the skills gap and what they can do to mitigate it. 


Tomasz Nurkiewicz algorithmic test


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How does the average person hire a top-notch tailor? They ask the candidates to show them what they’ve stitched so far, maybe even ask them to sew something fast. Then they’ll observe the results, noting how well they operate the sewing machine, the organization of the workplace, and assess the tailor’s attention to detail. Are they wasting too much fabric or simply not doing a very good job?

How do software developers hire top-notch tailors? Well, it would probably go a little something like this; This is a whiteboard. Please draw the difference between Ghiordes and Senneh knot. Derive the length of thread as a function of fabric’s surface area”.

Honestly, I believe that a top-notch tailor should know the difference, but what are we really verifying here? Do you want an elegant jacket or an elegant equation on a whiteboard? 続きを読む



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適材適所の人材を見つけることは、あなたの会社の成功に不可欠です。ビジネスの著者として カミール・トゥーム どのようなビジネスにおいても、本当の競争優位性は一言だけであり、それは人である」と言います。 




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Full life cycle recruiting gives you the ability to make strategic hiring decisions.  How can you use it to improve your results? In this article, we’re answering questions like “what is full life cycle recruiting” and “What it’s in it for me?”.

Let’s go!




プログラミングのスキルを評価する方法 - ベストな方法のレビュー ブログ


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ソフトウェア開発者を募集するための費用がかかることを知っていましたか? $60kと高いことがあります。?莫大な採用予算を持っていない限り、スキルが確認されていない従業員を雇うことはできませんし、期待しても仕方がありません。実際には、プログラミングスキルの評価方法を知っていることが重要です。 フロントエンドでもバックエンドでもフルスタックでもIT人材の採用プロセスを成功させるためには、「IT人材の採用を成功させるための基本的な考え方」が必要です。 



見てみましょう。 続きを読む

ウェブ開発者の仕事内容テンプレート ブログ


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What is a web developer

ウェブ開発者とは、ウェブインターフェースの設計から、ウェブサイトやウェブアプリケーションの設計・制作・保守を行うことができる人のことをいいます。この用語は広く使われており、ウェブサイトをサポートする仕事をしている開発者を含むことができます。ウェブ開発者には基本的に3つのタイプがあります。 フロントエンドのウェブ開発者は、ユーザーが見て対話するウェブサイトの要素を担当します。バックエンドのウェブ開発者は、ウェブサイトがどのように機能するかを指示する'舞台裏のコード'を担当しています。フルスタックのウェブ開発者は、以下のことを行うことができます。 両方の少し。

一般的に言えば、Web開発者は様々な種類の プログラミング言語.最も熟練した開発者は、多くの言語に精通しているだけでなく、重要なことは、新しい技術を学び続けて、次のことを見つけるために努力しています。 ベストメソッド 問題を解決するために  




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技術部門の従業員の離職率は、以下の通りです。 13.2% と他のどの業種よりも高くなっています。採用とオンボーディングを完璧にマスターしている企業でも、人材の定着にはまだ苦労しています。 高い離職率は当たり前で、人事部が受け入れるべきものなのでしょうか? 


この記事では、テック系の従業員が離職する主な理由と、従業員の離職率を下げるためにテック系の雇用主ができることを紹介します。  続きを読む



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技術系の採用担当者としては、特定のプログラミング言語の名前だけを知っているだけではもはや十分ではありません - ソフトウェアがどのように作られているかの基本を理解する必要があります。

本番用のソフトウェアを作成する際には、2つの重要な要素を考慮する必要があります。1つ目は、アプリケーションの開発がより複雑になってきていること。2 つ目は、プログラマは常により効果的で効率的な仕事をしようとしていることです。その結果、プログラマーのすべてのチームは、ソフトウェアフレームワークかソフトウェアライブラリ(または複数のライブラリ)のいずれかを使用してアプリケーションを構築するか(またはしないか)を決定しなければなりません。  続きを読む



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Apache Groovyプログラミング言語は、JVM(Java仮想マシン)上で動作する最も古い代替プログラミング言語の1つです。Java-syntax互換のGroovyスクリプトは2020年に17歳の誕生日を迎えます。人々は、開発やKotlinのような最近のJVM言語の話題性がGroovyを冗長なものにしたと考えるかもしれません。 


Groovyコミュニティは健在で、Groovy構文は今でも貢献者のグループによって開発されています。この言語は ジャワエコシステム であり、幅広いフレームワークに対応しています。その人気の理由の一つは、Groovy がユニットテストや自動テストをより簡単にしてくれることです。はっきりしているのは、正しく使えば - Apache Groovy はあなたの技術に生産性を大きく向上させる可能性を持っているということです。 続きを読む