KPIs For Effective Recruiting

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allow businesses to evaluate and understand how well they are performing against their goals. They are used to measure a number of goals, including sales, marketing, financial performance, customer satisfaction, and most importantly, 勧誘 objectives. It’s essential for talent acquisition specialists to know and understand the most important recruitment KPIs which we’ve gathered in a cheat sheet which you can download at the end of this article.

What Are KPIs In Recruitment

graph presenting recruitment kpisRecruitment KPIs allow you to eliminate the guesswork from your recruitment process and show you where you’re doing things right and where you’re going wrong. They also allow you to understand whether the changes you’re introducing have positive or negative consequences and make sure your hiring process is structured and replicable. That’s because recruitment KPIs paint a detailed picture of a particular aspect of your recruitment process, like how quick it is, how many candidates you get per opening, how many people leave after a given period of time, how satisfied your 従業員 are and so on. What is more, apart from painting a detailed picture, they are also objective in verifying your hiring success.

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Recruitment KPIs cheat sheet

To make things easier for you, we’ve created a short printable cheat sheet which presents some of the most important recruitment KPIs and formulas to calculate them. On the cheat sheet, you can find the following 10 KPIs:

  • Source of Hire
  • 雇い入れ時期
  • Candidates per Hire
  • eNPS
  • 内定承諾率
  • 1回のハイヤーあたりの費用
  • 雇い主の質
  • Retention Rate
  • Fill Rate
  • Turnover Rate

The cheat sheet is short and printable so you can use as a quick reference whenever necessary. Make sure you download and print it out so you can consult it whenever needed.

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