React Native online tests

DevSkiller React Native online tests were prepared by our dedicated team of professionals for junior, middle, and senior React Native developers. Our tests are designed to ensure you find the perfect candidate through our range of challenges and interview questions.

DevSkiller coding tests are powered by the RealLifeTesting™ methodology that simulates real-world scenarios for your applicants to solve. Find your next React Native developer today with our range of tests anywhere in the world, anytime.

108 分以内


知識評価 イーエスエルシックス, JavaScript

プログラミングタスク - レベル: ハード

React Native | Movie Store - ユーザーが想像できる映画をすべて購入できるアプリケーションを実装します。

101 分以内


知識評価 イーエスエルシックス, JavaScript

プログラミングタスク - レベル。中程度

React Native | HR Companion App - 人事部門が評価対象の求職者のリストを管理するのに役立つアプリケーションを実装します。

70 分以内


知識評価 イーエスエルシックス, JavaScript

プログラミングタスク - レベル。簡単

React Native | Ultimate BugTracker - ソフトウェアハウスの社内バグトラッカーとして使用されているアプリケーションに不足している機能を実装し、バグを修正します。

The right React Native online tests to screen React Native developers

Recommended roles for React Native online tests and coding questions

  • React Native Developer
  • React Developer
  • フロントエンド開発者
  • モバイル開発者
  • iOS開発者
  • Android developer
  • ジュニアReact Nativeデベロッパー
  • Middle React Native Developer
  • Senior React Native Developer

How our React Native online tests work

The RealLifeTesting™ methodology powers our React Native online tests and coding questions. Test your applicants’ knowledge of the React Native framework in a controlled environment.

DevSkiller React Native online tests will provide you with a clear understanding of your applicants’ knowledge, coding ability, critical thinking, and time-management skills.


  • DevSkiller online tests provide clear insight into your applicants’ coding skills and not just their academic knowledge.
  • 時間と費用を節約できるリモートテスト。
  • The RealLifeTesting™ methodology offers a greater user experience where candidates can use their own IDE, clone to GIT, run unit tests, and access Stack Overlow/Github/Google for research.
  • 正確なテスト結果を保証するための盗作防止ツール
  • 個々のテストをリアルタイムで観察
  • 技術者でなくてもわかる自動化された結果
  • すべてのレベルの経験者が利用可能なテスト

Skills covered in our React Native coding questions and online tests

  • リアクトネイティブ
  • JavaScript
  • イーエスファイブ
  • イーエスエルシックス
  • リアクトレダックス
  • Snapshot testing

What to look for in React Native developers

React Native is a mobile framework designed and maintained by Facebook. The product of an internal hackathon in 2013, React Native aims to simplify cross-platform functionality for mobile applications, mostly through User-Interface (UI).

When screening a React Native developer’s experience, it’s important to define the position that will be filled. For example, commercial experience is a must for senior or lead-level positions. Possessing the appropriate skills is also crucial to verify the quality of your React Native applicants. Familiarity with the current JavaScript standard – ECMAScript2019 (ES10), is a big plus.

Additionally, demonstrated ability in TypeScript is a useful tool for React Native developers. Finally, demonstrated knowledge in one or more of the React-Router, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Redux-Saga, or GraphQL libraries, is a great asset for your candidate to possess.

Build your own custom React Native test

Do you want to test React Native developers using your own codebase? No problem. The DevSkiller online task wizard is stacked with awesome features that allow you to customize your test invites. Choose the languages you want to test, define the test scope, and duration all while monitoring your applicants’ process in real-time. Remote testing means you can conveniently test your applicants and find the best talent from all corners of the globe.

Still unsure about our React Native online tests?

Interested in trying DevSkiller out for your business but need a little extra push? Check out what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

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The RealLifeTestingTM methodology is the foundation of all DevSkiller React Native online tests. Rather than traditional game-like quizzes or algorithmic puzzles, RealLifeTestingTM provides a holistic view of your applicant’s skills. At its core, the RealLifeTestingTM methodology stems from the belief that the best way to evaluate a developer’s development skills is with a work sample test that mirrors the actual development work they’ll do.

Our React Native online tests require candidates to build full project apps or add features to existing apps, just like they’ll be doing after being hired. To be successful, candidates need to possess demonstrable knowledge of coding, understand resources like Stack Overflow, and possess critical thinking to determine the best method for resolving problems they may encounter. Results are automatically generated and detail the candidate’s coding skill, decision making, code cleanliness, and problem-solving skills.

How are React Native online tests evaluated?

The DevSkiller platform gets to work automatically evaluating the solution, the moment the candidate finishes the test. The results are prepared into a report that even a non-technical recruiter can understand. Candidates are assessed on the likelihood of whether or not the solution they came up with would run (an essential factor in all software development), the number of errors in the code, quality of the code, and how it works in edge cases. There are also a number of robust anti-plagiarism tools to ensure the accuracy of each test.

How do candidates take a React Native coding test?

DevSkiller’s React Native online tests can be taken remotely, at the convenience of each individual candidate. All a recruiter needs to do is send out the test invite. Each test invite can be set to be available for a specified amount of time.

Candidates have the option to use our state of the art in-browser IDE or complete the project on their favorite IDE and then clone the project to GIT. During the test, candidates can run unit tests to ensure their solutions are working the way they’re supposed to. Tests have a predefined time limit, and if a candidate runs out of time, the test is automatically evaluated. Reports are sent to the recruiter once they are generated.


Setting up your first React Native coding test cand take as little as 5 minutes. DevSkiller’s extensive library of pre-defined React Native tests means that you can start testing your candidates right when you set up your account, no other work required.