Salesforce technical interview questions

Salesforce is a Customer relation management solution implemented by businesses all over the world. DevSkiller’s experts prepare Salesforce technical interview questions to assist recruiters in hiring Salesforce developers at junior, middle and senior-level.

DevSkiller Salesforce technical interview questions implement RealLifeTesting™. This unique method of developer testing provides recruiters with valuable insight into each applicant’s development skills, by setting them tasks based on their real environment. With DevSkiller, you can make finding your next Salesforce developer easy.

70 分以内

コードレビュータスク - レベル。簡単

Apex | Closed Opportunities Handler - classes.OpportunityService クラスに焦点を当てたコードレビューを実行します。

プログラミングタスク - レベル。簡単

Apex|アカウントの SLA Salesforce - アカウントの年収に応じて SLA ステータスを変更します。

40 分以内

プログラミングタスク - レベル。簡単

Apex|アカウントの SLA Salesforce - アカウントの年収に応じて SLA ステータスを変更します。

Recommended roles for salesforce technical interview questions

  • Junior Salesforce developer
  • Middle Salesforce developer
  • Senior Salesforce developer
  • Applications developer
  • ウェブ開発者
  • ETL developer
  • Salesforce administrator
  • Salesforce engineer
  • Application support developer

How our Salesforce technical interview questions work

DevSkiller Salesforce technical interview questions are powered by an advanced testing system leading the way in developer screening. The difference between DevSkiller tests and conventional developer testing is that our Salesforce technical interview questions are powered by RealLifeTesting™. The RealLifeTesting™ methodology challenges developer candidates based on the actual work they will likely be doing, by recreating their real work environment. Advanced simulations help to present candidates with real-world problems. Recruiters are then able to measure the candidates’ responses to the challenges faced.

The one-of-a-kind RealLifeTesting™ methodology is accurate and controllable. It is an innovative and forward-thinking testing platform that offers recruiters a unique view of how well each Salesforce developer will perform in the role. All while still in the initial screening stage. RealLifeTesting™ is efficient, time-saving, and effective.

Key features of our Salesforce technical interview questions

  • 学術的な知識だけでなく、候補者のコーディングスキルをテストします。
  • Watch the candidate’s test-taking in real-time, anywhere in the world
  • RealLifeTesting™ の方法論は、受験者が自分の IDE を使用したり、Git にクローンしたり、ユニットテストを実行したり、Stack Overflow/GitHub/Google にアクセスして研究をしたりすることができる、より優れたユーザー体験を提供します。
  • テストの精度を確保するためのいくつかの抗盗作ツール
  • 技術者でなくてもわかる自動化された結果
  • Salesforce technical interview questions available for all levels of seniority

Skills covered in our Salesforce technical interview questions

  • 頂点
  • セールスフォース

What to look for in Salesforce developers

Salesforce is an established Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It is designed to allow companies to manage their interactions with customers across departments, including marketing, sales, and commerce. It is a way to integrate information to benefit the company and improve the customer experience.

Salesforce is the number one CRM platform in the world. Their developers are innovative and ahead of the game. They have launched the world’s first mobile CRM and they are ranked world number 1 by International Data Corporation (IDC). They also offer free upgrades for clients three times every year, so any developer working for Salesforce will need to stay up to date. They are also the first company to offer AI that has been built right into the CRM. In short, Salesforce developers are ahead of the pack and lead the way when it comes to CRM companies.

Build your own custom Salesforce technical interview questions

If you’re not content with accepting our Salesforce technical interview questions as they are, then no problem. It’s good to push the boundaries, and that’s what we do. At DevSkiler you can customize your own Salesforce technical interview questions and cater them to fit your company’s exact needs.

Our task wizard can be used to define the technologies you test, the types of questions you set, and the test duration. You can send test invites to candidates all over the world and set the difficulty level of the questions they face. At DevSkiller, we work hard to perfect our Salesforce technical interview questions, making finding your next salesforce developer easy.

Still unsure about our Salesforce technical interview questions?

Don’t worry if you’re not completely convinced just yet. It is understandable to feel apprehensive about investing your company’s money into our screening tool. Don’t take our word for it. First, have a look at what our customers have to say:

パトリチャ・キルヤンスカ - Spartezでの人材獲得のスペシャリスト


さぶぱっぷ - ベリデーでの人材獲得リード


マグダレーナRogóż - コディラの副マーケティングマネージャー




With Devskiller you can be ready to start sending out test invites to your Salesforce technical interview questions in as little as five minutes. DevSkiller testing is simple and time-saving from the start. Set-up is remarkably quick, meaning you can send out your first Salesforce technical interview questions within a matter of minutes after registering your account. Our testing platform offers an extensive collection of predefined Salesforce tests meaning you can start screening candidates right away.


No, you don’t need to be a programmer to use our screening tool. Much of the point of DevSkiller testing is to be simple and available for anyone to implement into their recruitment process. Our aim is that recruiters who don’t know about development work themselves, are still able to hire the right person for the job. Our screening tool does the hard work for them. If you do have someone more technical available to you, you can adapt our Salesforce technical interview questions to suit your needs. However, for most, the default settings are plenty enough and they arrive already programmed and ready to use.


In general, all the feedback we receive from developer candidates is overwhelmingly positive.

Candidates love the structure of Devskiller Salesforce technical interview questions and relish the opportunity to show what they can do. Occasionally if someone is apprehensive, we usually find that this is because they are expecting our tests to be similar to algorithmic tests they have taken in the past. These tests can be frustrating for developers who don’t feel they properly represent the work that developers do on a daily basis and therefore don’t accurately show who is the best candidate for the role. However, once candidates begin our tests and realize the difference, then they are usually very enthusiastic and keen to show their skills. They like being able to use normal coding conventions like unit testing and cloning to GIT from a personal IDE. DevSkiller Salesforce technical interview questions present candidates with a fair platform on which to demonstrate their abilities.