Python デベロッパー 給与

4月 17, 2019

として パイソンの人気は上昇中アメリカでの仕事の責任とPython開発者の平均給与の両方に精通していることが高いかもしれません。


Even though data analysis and web development are still the major use cases for Python, machine learning is making a strong showing. This is according to the results of Python Developers Survey 2018. That’s precisely why this programming language gets more and more attention these days. It might eventually influence the average Python developer salary. In fact, Python already ranks as the world’s seventh most popular programming language among professional software developers. As a result, it has recently become one of the most wanted technologies.

Python programmer salary, however, depends on a range of factors. These include skill set, level of expertise, and location. To give you a full understanding of what affects the Python salary, we’ve combined up-to-date, industry-specific data from credible sources, such as PayScale, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter.

We have also compiled 俸給番号 for other technologies.

Average Python developer salary

Python developer (United States)

Average Python Developer Salary PayscaleCurrency: USD | Updated: 25 Mar 2019 | Individuals Reporting: 86

によると ペイスケールのデータ, the average Python developer salary in the US is $77,362 per year(at the time of the publication). At the same time, the median hourly rate is $30.25.

Average Python Developer Salary GlassdoorCurrency: USD | Updated: 26 Mar 2019 | Individuals Reporting: 64

Interestingly enough, the average Python developer salary reported by グラスドア is higher. It shows that the average base pay is $92,000 1年ごとに

Average Python Developer Salary IndeedCurrency: USD | Updated: 17 Mar 2019 | Individual data sources: 5,747

The data from インディード・ドット・コム is even more surprising. It reports much higher salaries, with an average of $123,656 1年ごとに

Average Python Developer Salary ZipRecruiterCurrency: USD | Updated: 24 Mar 2019 | Individual data sources: –

Yet, ZipRecruiter sees annual Python developer salaries as high as $164,000 and as low as $54,000. The average is $111,896 across the United States.


Why do Python developer salaries vary? As usual, their levels depend heavily on the level of experience. Even though the list of responsibilities depends on the employer, Python developers are usually involved in:

  • Designing and implementing quality applications,
  • Writing reusable and efficient code,
  • Integrating user-facing elements with server-side logic,
  • Coming up with data storage solutions.

As you would expect, the expertise in handling these tasks influences Python programmer salary. According to ZipRecruiter:

The preferred framework the developer uses also makes a difference. Django is one of the most popular Python-based frameworks. This might be the reason why average Django developer salary is $115,882.


The location also matters when it comes to Python developer salaries across the US. Similarly to other jobs, pay differs from state to state. The national average may not be enough to judge how much a Python developer actually makes.

によると ペイスケール, software developers who are familiar with Python should head to California. This seems to be the best-paid American state for these kinds of software engineers. The smallest paychecks, on the contrary, can be found in Atlanta.

Average Python Developer Salary by locationPython developer salary – NYC

Surprisingly, PayScale doesn’t mention New York and the Python developer salary in NYC. According to other sources, such as インディード・ドット・コム, the city still ranks high in terms of Python salary. Plus, it seems to have plenty of open Python positions.

Still, Python developer salary in NYC is lower than in San Francisco or Los Angeles. No wonder California is said to be the fastest to add tech jobs.

Average Python Developer Salary NYCその他の賃金上昇要因


The list of skills important for a Python developer includes, above all, core Python. Added to this are a knowledge of web frameworks, object-relational mappers, multi-process architecture, and RESTful APIs.


Nice-to-have Python developer skills are definitely:

  • System administration,
  • Scripting,
  • Other programming languages like Java or C++.


Python is already one of the most popular and highest-paying programming languages around the world. At the same time, Python Developers Survey 2018 results point out that 21% of Python developers are concentrated in the US. With high average Python developer salaries reported by various sources across the US, though, it’s only a matter of time before Python becomes a top choice for American developers.