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Now with in-browser IntelliJ IDEA for even more accurate technical assessments


最も現実的な技術審査プラットフォーム ホワイトボードがゼロの状態で市場に投入されました。

を搭載しています。 RealLifeTesting™(リアルライフ・テスティング の方法論を紹介します。

Candidates are sick and tired of being asked to code in a primitive IDE in their browser.

That’s why TalentScore brings the amazing experience of using IntelliJ IDEA for daily work into getting hired as a developer.

Our Java tasks now run on a warmed-up IDE, directly in your candidate’s browser. By embedding this world-class IDE in the browser, we remove an important time-consumer of setting up the development environment on a local machine.

Candidates don’t have to clone the code, wait for the dependencies to install or indexes to build. They can literally start coding as soon as they open the test invitation.

Why IntelliJ IDEA?

World-class code completion

Smart completion assists candidates with the most relevant symbols applicable to the current context, directly in the browser.

Result? You won’t lose a candidate just because they made a typo or forgot a semicolon.

It’s like using a spell-checker as you write an article.

See it in action

Working shell/terminal

TalentScore IntelliJ IDEA comes with a built-in terminal which is a crucial element of the modern development ecosystem.

Thanks to the possibility to freely execute commands, candidates can generate code, install dependencies, etc. just as they normally do when they code.

See it in action

Running tests

TalentScore IntelliJ IDEA uses a built-in test runner to see your progress and run your own tests.

Thanks to this feature, candidates get an ultra-fast feedback loop showing which parts of their solution need improvement.

This removes frustration from the screening process.

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Debugging and troubleshooting

We do not build artificial barriers for developers.

Candidates don’t have to guess what’s wrong with the task they are resolving because they’re able to debug the code. They can showcase their bug-fixing and reasoning skills.

See it in action

Running an application in our cloud

Candidates can run their code directly in their browser while hosted in our cloud. They can also preview and play with APIs and frontends they’ve built. This is how any developer works. Running code, experimenting, troubleshooting.

We make the screening process as similar to a normal working routine as possible. It feels like solving real problems with real tools!

See it in action

タレントスコア 3ステップで体験

ts step 体験1


  • すぐに使える5000以上の採用タスク
  • 実際の使用例を反映
  • フルカスタマイズ可能
ts step体験2


  • 高いテスト完了率
  • ATSとの容易な連携
  • 柔軟なブランディングの可能性


  • 自動化された客観的なスコアリング
  • 共有可能なレポート
  • 候補者のベンチマーク

Talk is cheap. Show me the test!

Excited? Spread the word, by sharing this document with your HR department. By the way, the verification of this demo, like all of our TalentScore tests, is automated and takes only a few minutes to review.

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