DevSkiller Global Technical Hiring & Skills Report 2019のご案内です。

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What is the current state of テクニカルスクリーニング? How many companies are looking for a JavaScript developer? How are tech stacks typically bundled together and how does that affect the technical hiring industry?

These are all relevant IT 勧誘 questions which are often answered based on gut feeling. 


皆様、誇りを持ってご紹介するのは デブスキラー Global Technical Hiring & スキル Report 2019


当社の技術スクリーニングレポートには、開発者の採用情報、技術スキルデータ、地理的な洞察が満載です。これは、365日の期間内に120カ国以上の112,654人の開発者をテストして収集したデータに基づいています。 DevSkiller Technical Screening report 2019


To give you an idea of what you can find inside, here are three of our fifteen findings:

1. Java is the most popular language devs are tested in (37%).

technical screening report DevSkillerSQL comes second on the list and is followed by JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and .NET/C#. 

2. 73% of candidates take the coding tests sent to them.

technical screening report DevSkiller Across the whole system, 73% of tests sent to candidates are taken. Latvia, Armenia, Denmark, New Zeland, and the UK are the top five countries with the highest test completion rates. This means that despite all the bad rep technical screening and interview gets, a fair and objective system resembling real work to be done doesn’t impact the final outcome in a negative way. 

3. The US, Poland, the UK are the top 3 drivers of international technical hiring.

technical screening report DevSkiller


In our technical screening report, there’s a grand total of 15 (yes, fifteen!) sections like the ones shown above. 

Why do you need it?

  1. It’s packed full of data (15 sections with multiple data points illustrating each section)
  2. It’s highly relevant to 技術者採用
  3. It’s super up-to-date so it shows you current industry trends
  4. It’s interactive so you can choose how much you want to dig into the data


The report is available in full here: DevSkiller グローバル技術者採用・スキルレポート2019 The geography section has a number of interactive options so you can quickly and easily look at a given trend from a number of angles. 

The report is also available in a form of a PDF (without the interactive 顔ぶれ) which you can find on the original page. 

There report is free to access and it’s not gated in any way. This means you don’t need to give us any data to access it (sharing is caring though, just saying).