Using DevSkiller as a TestDome alternative

Selecting the right developer screening software has a direct impact on your technical hiring results. This site will let you compare TestDome and DevSkiller features so you can make an informed decision.

DevSkilelr it’s trusted by thousands of companies from 40+ countries, including the European Commission, YouGov, Deloitte, ING, PayPal, Criteo, and Accenture.

The biggest advantage of the DevSkiller platform is our RealLifeTesting™ methodology which immerses the candidate in the first day of work experience. Tasks used on the platform resemble the real work of developers. Because developers feel familiar with the tasks they’re given, over 90% of candidates who start solving a test finish it. That said, positive candidate experience is not the only benefit of using our platform. Per each hire, DevSkiller users save on average 21 hours of recruiter time and 12 hours of dev team time.

If you’re looking for a TestDome alternative, check out this side-by-side comparison of TestDome and DevSkiller features.

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