What’s happening at DevSkiller? #April2016

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This year has already been very busy, we do feel that we are really going global! 

Each month we start working with 御客様 from new countries and our Month-over-Month for the third time in the row exceeded 100% growth.

But enough about financials, in the past 4 months we’ve made a lot of big changes に於いて DevSkiller 申し込み to make it more flexible. We’ve been listening to our customer wishes and evolving so that it is more user-friendly and convenient to use. Just check it out:

1. More flexibility with choosing assessment campaign to test programming skills

We made a major usage improvement to give our clients more freedom with choosing the right assessment to match their specific needs. Due to these changes you got:

  • improved Assessment Campaign Generator that gives you more control over the process of generating new exam.
  • improved UX デザインCampaign Editor that makes creating and editing campaigns simpler and more intuitive.
  • added a task and assessment store in which clients with Pay as You Go plan can buy an access to certain tests and tasks on demand.

DevSkiller Store

2. ATS and HR software Integrations

ATS 統合 let our clients use DevSkiller as an integral part of IT 勧誘 process where you can invite candidates to オンライン coding assessments in seconds and keep all the HR information in one place. Easy, fast, accurate and automatic – what more to wish for.

2.1. DevSkiller integration with SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is Talent Acquisition Platform that transforms your recruiting software into a high-powered marketing and sales machine. It delivers モビール and social candidate experience, engages hiring managers along the way, integrates quickly and seamlessly with HRIS, and supercharges recruiter productivity.

DevSkiller is among its partners now and can be found in its Marketplace.


2.2. DevSkiller integration with Greenhouse

Greenhouse is software to optimize your entire recruiting process. By using it you can find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions.

Greenhouse was launched with a single goal: Make companies great at hiring. We are happy to be among Greenhouse partners. You can find DevSkiller profile 此処.

3. On Site changes

3.1. Documentation and manual for DevSkiller clients and users

To make DevSkiller usage as easy as possible we prepared documentation so that you can quickly find answers concerning our software. Just have a look 此処.



3.2. Sample projects on GitHub

We care for our more advanced users and want to help them implement their own, custom made programming tasks and use them. That’s why we created sample projects on GitHub in each technology to help you achieve it. You can access it 此処.

3.3. Coding tests catalog visible on website

Now you can quickly go through our ready-to-use campaign assessments without loging to our system. You are able to see what tasks the コーディングテスト includes, its description and level of difficulty. You can find it 此処.

4. New year, new pricing

At the beginning of 2016 we introduced new プライシング. Now you have possibility to get Unlimited plan where you can invite unlimited candidates to take coding assessments and create unlimited custom assessment campaigns. It quickly became our most popular plan.

5. Ruby (especially) on Rails

Ruby was one of the few popular technologies that were missing in our system. Now it’s working and ready to use for all our customers. We also implemented some predefined programming assessments, so you can start using them in just one click, check them out.


6. Other important changes in DevSkiller features

  • XLS report for candidates
  • LinkedIn integration – we made creating an account as easy as possible – now you can start trial with LinkedIn. Quick and convenient.
  • Importing Candidates using CSV or copying them into a table