What’s happening at DevSkiller? #December2015

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We thought that our customers deserve to know what is happening at デブスキラー, that’s why we started to write our changelog, where we will write about new features in our system. We evolve all the time to meet your demands and be the best プログラマー testing software on the market.
Since we haven’t been writing before about what’s new on our side, you’ll find a lot of new cool features, that you probably didn’t know about.

First of all, what programming languages does DevSkiller support?

ジャワ: Spring framework, Spring boot, Hibernate, JPA, GWT, JSF, Vaadin, Play framework Groovy, SpockFramework / JUnit, TestNG
JavaScript: アングラーJS, Ember, React, Backbone, Meteor / jQuery
ピーエッチピーエス: Symfony2, Zend2, Laravel, yii, CodeIgniter / Doctrine, Twig, Guzzle
C1TP3T: .NET, ASP.NET, MVC, EntityFramework, WCF, LINQ
C++: GTest, Boost
パイソン: Django, Pyramid, Flask
アンドロイド: Retrofit, Robolectric, RxAndroid, Dagger
スカラ: Play framework, Lift, Akka, Slick, Scalaz
エスエッチエル: MySQL, PostgreSQL, オラクル
These are only some of frameworks and libraries that we support in mentioned programming languages. If you are interested in a certain framework or library to verify programming 技能 just drop us a line in an email.

Build tools for programming projects:

Now you can choose from these build tools when adding your own programming tests:

ジャワ – Maven, Gradle
アンドロイド – Gradle
スカラ – SBT
C#/.NET – MSBuild + Nuget
パイソン – SetupTools
C++ – CMake
ピーエッチピーエス – Phing
JavaScript – NPM, Gulp, Grunt, Bower

What we’ve changed in the system?

1. We’ve added a exam generator

Thanks to that feature, you can easily generate exams from available tasks based on the skills you are looking for, to fit exactly your needs. You can find out more about it from the video below.


2. We’ve added support for SQL

It is not only a new technology, we’ve added whole new way of testing SQL skills of candidates. From now on we support technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle.

3. Ability to expose tasks as a GIT repository

We want our exams to look just like normal day work for a プログラマー. That’s why we’ve added this cool feature. Thanks to that candidate can not only solve our programming tasks in our オンライン IDE, but can also download or clone the whole project and use his own favorite IDE and other tools, just like he would at his work.


4. Candidate Exam UX tuning

From the candidate perspective the exam is a lot better. We’ve asked hundreds of candidates about what and how they would like to change in exam panel and we’ve applied it. You can see an exam from candidates perspective in the video below.


5. Add external sources to exams

Testing candidates using certain frameworks and libraries is neat, but we thought that some time you need to add an external data source to デザイン a certain programming task. That’s why we’ve added this feature, so you can use i.g. MySQL, ポストジェスチルCassandraRedis 或いは MongoDB as a part of an exam.

6. C++ support

We’ve just lunched support for C++ and in upcoming days we will add ready to use exams. You can always use your own code base to prepare your own exams, the technology is tested and ready to go.

7. Python support

A lot of our clients were asking for this, and now it is ready to use. In upcoming days we will add ready to use exams. You can always use your own code base to prepare your own exams and start testing candidates.

8. Candidate report changes

We’ve made some UX changes in candidate report, so it looks better. We’ve added also a feature to view a candidate report using safe URL.

9. Download Invoices from admin panel.

We’ve also added a feature to download invoices straight from your admin panel.