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  • Identify skill gaps
  • Design career paths
  • Track employee growth objectively

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MapSkiller product timeline

Short term [Q2]

  • Identify people that can quickly acquire certain skill based on their current competences 
  • Identify, compare, and track changes of skill levels across teams and the entire organization
  • Create employee profiles based on data imported with a Devskiller Talent Score integration to assess team fit and potential skill growth trajectories
  • Get deeper insights into the skills inventory in your organization: how many people have a given skill as a core skill, average skill level, source of rating
  • Import employee profiles and add skills with API and Zapier integration

Long term [Q3]

  • Compare, and track changes in groups of skills across the organization and teams
  • Compare skills with ease through clear chart and visual data representation 
  • Get deeper insights into a given skill through a list of employees having it as a core and additional skill
  • Analyze employee skills history (in-depth information about the progress on acquiring new skills and mastering existing ones)
  • Track employee seniority and position history to assess how quickly they’re growing their skills