Go interview questions

DevSkiller prepares Go interview questions with the sole purpose to help recruiters looking to find the right Go engineers for their business. Dividing the best developers from the run of the mill is difficult, but thanks to our Go interview questions the process has become a whole lot easier.

Our specialized Go online tests are adapted to help screen candidates of any level of experience. Through a series of online challenges and Go interview questions, we are able to identify the most distinguished candidates from the start .

Using the RealLifeTesting™ methodology, DevSkiller’s Go online tests replicate real-world tasks, to present developer candidates with realistic problems to overcome. Our Go interview questions make finding your next Go developer easy.

Recommended roles for Go coding questions

  • Junior Golang ontwikkelaar
  • Midden Golang ontwikkelaar
  • Senior Golang ontwikkelaar
  • Golang software developer
  • Software ingenieur
  • Software ontwikkelaar

How our Go interview questions work

If you haven’t heard about RealLifeTesting™, it is the driving force behind DevSkiller’s unique approach to developer testing. Traditional algorithmic tests have been found out in that they lack the depth to really define who is a good developer, from those who are simply good at reciting algorithmic patterns.

RealLifeTesting™ allows recruiters to accurately measure the skills of even the most senior of developer candidates. Using a series of realistic challenges and interview questions, DevSkiller can assess the coding ability, problem-solving and time-management skills of each candidate and use our Go interview questions to divide the weaker candidates from those who excel.

Belangrijkste kenmerken

  • Analyseer codeervermogen en niet alleen academisch vermogen
  • Bespaar tijd en geld met testen op afstand
  • De RealLifeTesting™-methodologie biedt een grotere gebruikerservaring waarbij kandidaten hun eigen IDE kunnen gebruiken, kunnen klonen naar GIT, unit tests kunnen uitvoeren en toegang hebben tot Stack Overflow/Github/Google voor onderzoek.
  • Anti-plagiarism tools implemented for verifiable results
  • Bekijk tests in real-time
  • Geautomatiseerde resultaten die niet-technische rekruteerders kunnen begrijpen
  • Go interview questions available for junior, middle, and senior-level positions

Skills covered in our Go interview questions

  • Golang
  • Goroutines
  • Reguliere Expressies

What to know about Go engineer

Developed by Google in 2009, ‘Go’ was designed to address issues that occur due to large software systems. Go has a simple and modern structure making it popular among some of the largest tech companies in the world, including Google, Uber and Dropbox. DevSkiller’s Go interview questions will help you be able to work out which of your Go developer candidates really know their stuff.

Have you heard about Devskiller’s customizable Go interview questions?

The DevSkiller online task wizard allows our clients to build your own fully customizable tests. This gives you and your business much greater control over your Go interview questions. For instance, you can alter the allocated time-limit for each test, or even set a time-limit on individual questions. You can alter the difficulty of each Go online test and even change the language being assessed. Furthermore, you can monitor each candidate in real-time during their tests, to see how they are doing.

Find your next Go engineer today with our range of Go interview questions.

Want proof that our Go interview questions work?

Investing your company’s money in our screening tool can mean a lot of pressure on any employee. You will want some kind of assurance that our screening tool is as effective as we say. Check out the following case study of one of our previous clients, Mindera:


Mindera builds high performance, resilient and scalable software systems, impacting on their users and businesses across the world. Software engineering applications are at the core of what they do and they need to have the right engineers to succeed.

Before DevSkiller, Mindera found that 75% of all candidates screened in the technical stage of recruitment, were passing through to the interview stage. Almost immediately implementing DevSkiller testing brought that percentage down to 61%. This resulted in less technical interviews having to be arranged which of course saved on money and time, but Mindera also found that the standard of candidates who did make it through to the technical interview, was higher than under their previous system. Meaning that it is now much more likely that candidates will be hired following their interview, because they have already proven their skills during the screening stage.

Carolina Carvalho-  IT recruiter at Mindera

“In 2019, we hired 175+ developers with DevSkiller. We are looking to increase that, possibly double it. We were able to do very customized challenges for different roles that allowed us to understand if those candidates were a good fit to proceed. That means focusing our time on the candidates that have the highest probability of becoming Minders.”

Vaak gestelde vragen

Moet ik een programmeur zijn om DevSkiller te gebruiken?

Our screening tool wouldn’t be much use if you need to be an expert, to be able to recruit one.

Our own experts have done the hard work on your behalf. Our Go interview questions are designed to be as simple and as automated for recruiters to use as possible. We have ready-to-use tests that allow non-technical users to be able to verify the technical skills of even the most senior developer positions.

Wat doe je tegen plagiaat?

You need to be able to trust the results of our Go interview questions. For that reason we take  plagiarism very seriously. The DevSkiller system automatically checks a candidate’s entered answers with all those previously entered into our system, to look for matches. Replicated code patterns for instance, mean the candidate has tried to gain an unfair advantage and will be disqualified. Additionally we implement social listening tools and checks on IP addresses. Recruiters can even observe a candidate taking their test in real time if they like.

Wat vinden kandidaten van DevSkiller tests?

Candidates love our tests. Imagine being a developer and growing increasingly frustrated that the work you do is not reflected in the tests you are given to prove yourself. DevSkiller’s Go interview questions allow developer candidates that opportunity. A chance to demonstrate their actual skills in a fair setting. They like having the chance to run unit-tests and clone their work projects to GIT, much like they would in their real work.

Any apprehension towards our Go interview questions is down to the belief that our tests will be just like all the other algorithmic tests the candidate has already had to complete. This apprehension usually dissipates once the candidates realize that DevSkiller testing is different and fair.

Wat is de duur van de test?

The duration of our Go interview questions is flexible, and entirely dependent on your own preferences. Default options are available to use, or you can opt to set your own time-limits, including time allocated to individual questions.

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