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DevSkiller allows you to find developers with the right skill set, shortening your Time-to-Hire by 60% using our RealLifeTesting™ methodology. What is RealLifeTesting™? It is our unique approach to assessing tech candidates in their natural work environment based on work samples. Our programming tests mirror the 1st day of work experience to identify top performers.

Candidates jump at the opportunity to accurately prove their skills giving recruiters the best indication of their abilities.

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We test programming languages, frameworks and libraries.
Others don’t.

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“When we do bring in a candidate, we have a good baseline idea of where their skillset is at, and can tailor the in-person interview to allow us to determine the candidate’s rate-of-growth and dive deeper into what they know.”

Bryan W.Software Engineer
Waardering: 5/5

“Enter DevSkiller, after knowing the candidate and the set of skills he show in the CV, you can cook a test specific for him and send it to him. You then get an enormous amount of metrics about the candidate test, you can review the actual code, etc. You can even do pair programming with a candidate if you feel the need.”

Pedro Q.Head of Engineering
Waardering: 5/5

“Our experience with DevSkiller was great. The customer service is amazing. They helped us with all our questions and answered really quickly. DevSkiller improves our hiring process a lot, as it makes hiring developers a lot more efficient and easy.”


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