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HR Resources for tech recruiters

Get access to developer hiring reports, heavily-researched ebooks, infographics, and other great resources to jumpstart your technical hiring.

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RealLifeTesting Methodologie gedefinieerd - Beheers de kunst van technische screening

Level up your technical screening process with DevSkiller powered by the RealLifeTesting™ Methodology. This white paper will demonstrate the pillars of the methodology that powers all TalentScore coding tests.

Tech HR Certification Course

DevSkiller Tech Wervingscertificeringscursus

Join over 6K+ of recruiters from industry leaders like Amazon and Walmart eCommerce who already got certified. Discover the best tactics to hire top talent like a pro.

Automatisering gekenmerkte afbeelding

Hoe automatisering te implementeren om de beste software ontwikkelaars aan te nemen, sneller

This ebook is designed to help you hire better developers, more efficiently with automation.

10 valkuilen checklist featured image

De complete checklist voor valkuilen bij technische aanwerving

Identify and address these common mistakes with the complete technical hiring pitfalls checklist.

Eliminate interviewer and unconscious bias

How to eliminate interviewer and unconscious bias from your hiring process

This ebook was designed to help you recognize and eliminate interviewer bias and unconscious bias from your technical hiring process.

Candidate experience ebook

Guide to the perfect candidate experience [6 tips and strategies]

Design the perfect hiring process by addressing the areas that negatively impact your candidate experience.

10 pitfalls of technical hiring and how to fix them

Avoid the 10 biggest pitfalls of technical hiring by reading this ebook and never make a bad hiring decision again.

Hack the process of recruiting developers

Hack the process of recruiting programmers [with a Case Study]

This ebook is packed full of actionable tips and insights to help you streamline your tech recruitment process. Discover the seven-step formula to win over tech talent.

IT-aanwervingsproces dat werkt

The tried and true techniques, strategies, and expert advice to supercharge your tech hiring on 100+ pages.

Download het e-boek

Bron software ontwikkelaars als een PRO

Beheers de kunst van het creatief sourcen van ontwikkelaars via meerdere kanalen, waaronder LinkedIn, Stack Overflow en GitHub.

Download het e-boek
The definitive book of developer interview questions for savvy recruiters blog

Software engineer interview questions

This ebook comprises 259 varied software developer interview questions to help you prepare and conduct an amazing interview

[Book]: IT Recruitment process that works

Optimize your developer hiring process with this book by Tom Winter and Kate Kandefer (PhD). Available on Amazon only.

DevSkiller top IT skills report 2020: Demand and hiring trends

Devskiller top IT skills report 2020

Discover the global 2020 developer hiring trends with our original report based on real anonymized, aggregated customer data.

DevSkiller Global Technical Hiring & Skills Report 2019 Cover Image

Devskiller Global Technical Hiring & Skills Report 2019

Take a closer look at the developer hiring landscape with the 2019 edition of our technical skills report with aggregated customer data.

[CHECKLIST]Candidate experience 101 for recruiting software developers

[CHECKLIST] Candidate experience 101 for recruiting software developers

Follow this with a step-by-step checklist to give a consistently great candidate experience every time you recruit.

Recruitment KPI cheat sheeet DevSkiller

KPIs For Effective Recruiting

Evaluate and understand how well you are performing against your hiring goals with this handy printable KPI cheat sheet.

True cost of recruiting a developer [infographic]

How much does it cost to hire a developer in-house or through a staffing agency? How high are the productivity losses? Find out in this data-packed infographic.

best HR articles DevSkiller software engineer salary numbers

Software engineering salary infographic

How much do software engineers make on average? Which factors influence the software engineer salary the most?

what you need to know to hire top developers in 2018

[INFOGRAPHIC]: What you need to know to hire top developers in 2018

The most important stats and industry benchmarks for hiring software engineers, all in one place.

GDPR recruitment

[INFOGRAPHIC]: 2018 GDPR recruitment implications – get ready!

Is your hiring process GDPR compliant? Check out what GPDR means for Human Resources professionals and how it affects their work.

Tips and Tricks to build a perfect DevSkiller test

In this practical webinar, you can find out how to create a DevSkiller test to assess the exact skill set needed for any tech role.

DevSkiller’s plagiarism checker and other security features that verify your results

Discover the wide range of DevSkiller security features including our plagiarism checker, social listening tools, IP tracking, and more.

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