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Secrets of Data Driven Organizations



Magdalena Jończak
Vice President Strategy and Transformation at Liberty Global/UPC

Tomasz Wyszyński
VP of Marketing Analytics & AI at Schneider Electric

Eliza Staniszkis
Director of Data & Integration at Nationale-Nederlanden Poland

Ashley Brinegar
Chief Data Officer for PCC Metals

About the panel

The notion that every company should transform itself into a data driven organization has been around for many years now. The reality is however, that only a few companies admit that they know what it really means.

Only a handful claim they were successful with their data transformation efforts. There are organizations still facing a dilemma on how to become data driven by enriching traditional BI practices.

If you are about to start your data project or are in the process of evaluating your data activities, then this discussion is for you!

By watching this recording you wil:

  1. Hear our experts sharing their view on what being a data driven organization really means
  2. Discover how to identify and communicate the real business value to key stakeholders within your organization
  3. Learn the critical milestones for moving away from traditional business intelligence to become data-driven
  4. Discover how our panelists started and managed their transformation projects and how they delivered on their KPI’s

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