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#DevRec Webinar Series

Tech recruitment unveiled:
Secrets to successful HR & IT cooperation



Marsh Sutherland
Senior Technical Recruiter at Ocient

Trent Cotton
Senior Global Director of Talent Acquisition at Hatchworks

Ludmila Tomperi
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Aiven

About the panel

Efficient cooperation between the HR and IT departments has always been important when it comes to successful recruitment for tech roles.

Unfortunately, many companies still struggle to find the right balance and secure a working cooperation between the two sides. To make matters more complicated, this cooperation is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ option but a necessity, with the work environment going hybrid or even fully remote.

We tack these issue head on, so enjoy part one of our three part #DevRec Webinar Series!

By watching this discussion you will:

  • Proven techniques for effective cooperation between HR and IT from experienced HR professionals
  • How to construct appealing job descriptions with the help of your IT department
  • Industry secrets on how to provide the most appealing candidate experience
  • Strategies to help identify the most promising candidates for your IT department to interview

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