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The #1 Pair Programming test platform

Test programming skills from anywhere in the world with pair programming interviews. Discover the candidates who have the right coding skills and fit your team. DevSkiller’s online interview pair programming tests are fully remote which means you can make the right hiring choice from anywhere in the world.

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Go beyond algorithms and whiteboards to learn your candidates’ actual skills

The best way to learn if someone can do a job is to see what it’s like to collaborate with them. Ditch skills assessment methods which don’t have a lot to do with the job at hand and pair program with your candidate like you were working with a colleague.

Natural working environment

Technical skills are important but so are teamwork skills. Pair programming interviews conducted with DevSkiller make you feel like you are in the room with the candidate. Share an IDE with the candidate while video chatting with them for a full sense of their skills and work style.

Work sample pair programming tests

A pair programming test shows you how the candidate will work on the types of projects you want them to tackle. DevSkiller’s pair programming tests allow you and the candidate to work on real projects instead of brain teasers. The outcomes of these interviews tell you everything you need to know about whether they can do the job at hand.

Real programming resources

DevSkiller supports 57+ languages, libraries, and frameworks. This is because real software development is more than writing code in a text editor. It requires making a decision about when it is better to use off the shelf solutions and when it is better to write new code. DevSkiller’s in-browser IDE also supports unit testing so you can test your code throughout the interview revealing a candidate’s programming style.

Conduct pair programming tests in 57+ languages, libraries, and frameworks

Better candidate experience

An interview can be stressful for all involved but DevSkiller takes the stress out of the process. Candidates love that they don’t have to travel, potentially to another city, for the interview. The tests allow them to show off their actual work skills so that they don’t have to practice irrelevant logic puzzles. DevSkiller’s web-based IDE is easy to uses and includes all of the tools a developer needs to write code efficiently.

Programming tasks candidates are familiar with

Real programming involves greenfield development, building new features on existing code, and debugging. Candidates are relieved to ditch the algorithms and data structures to work on programming tasks that reveal the real work they do. These include full project tasks that create new apps or develop existing ones.

Talk face to face

Human connection is something you can’t automate. Candidates interact with their interviewer face to face throughout their pair programming test interviews no matter where they are in the world. We can put the two of you in the same room but we can communicate the encouragement, connection, and empathy that comes with a face to face interview.

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Hiring managers
get time back

A pair programming test is essential for hiring developers but it takes hiring managers away from doing their real work. DevSkiller gives them time back while providing the necessary information to make an empowered decision.

Automate your interview

All test invites are sent automatically and the interview can happen from any part of the world. No more flying candidates into your office or seeing good candidates drop out because they can’t come in during working hours. In the test, hiring managers can see every keystroke the candidate makes in real-time wit the option to play it back later. It is truly the easiest way to hire the best people.

The premade interview tasks mean less preparation

Devskiller’s library of expert-created premade coding tasks is ready to use for each interview. This means interviews don’t need to spend any time setting up the interview. Instead, they can be secure that the task they’ve picked is appropriate for the interview.

Record the interview

It is important to be able to review your interview at the same level of detail it happened and to compare candidates. DevSkiller pair programming tests allow you to record the entire session so you can go back and see every keystroke the candidate makes.

How it works

Our pair programing tool can be accessed by candidates anywhere in the world.

Step 1

Pick a coding project for the pair programming test interview. This can be from DevSkiller’s premade task library of 250+ coding tasks or a task that you have built using your own code.

Step 2

Send a link to your candidate. They receive an email with an invitation to the test which also tells them when the interview is scheduled to happen.

Step 3

When the interview is scheduled, the candidate logs into DevSkiller using the link in their email and starts the test. The interviewer will then join the test at the same time.

Step 4

The candidate and the interviewer work together on the task. The interviewer can ask questions, propose solutions, run unit tests, and add code. The candidate shows how they approach and solve problems using their programming skills and stack knowledge.

What our customers say about DevSkiller

Rating: 5/5

DevSkiller helps make tech recruiting easier, faster, and smoother because it provides many different tests for various programming languages, libraries and technologies, with different difficulty levels. The tests include real programming projects and not only questions which I think is very valuable.

Jonatan R.
Rating: 5/5

I love how easy it was to create tests to administrator to my candidates. I also love how the testing incorporates several styles like multiple choice, analyzing pre-written code, and writing their own code.

Rating: 5/5

DevSkiller is a great way to evaluate efficiently the developers technical skills. Their predefined tests are perfect for cost-efficient recruitment processing or you can simply create your own evaluation using this tool.