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Devskiller.com is a fast growing online startup that helps companies verify coding skills of programmers in an easy, fast and effective way. We work with the biggest IT companies in the world like Accenture, CGI, European Commision, PayPal, Deloitte, and others. Loving what we do we aim to conquer the world, so come and join us.

Part-Time Hello World Developer **Remote**

A fast-growing company (blah blah blah) with a young and energetic team (yadda yadda yadda) is looking for talented and serious software developers to write “Hello World” apps.

Wait, what?

All kidding aside, we really want to pay people to write “Hello World” apps for our platform.

We regularly release these kinds of tasks on DevSkiller, but not before wrecking them enough to be usable for our purposes. You see, a task that’s been professionally damaged by one of our developers is handed over to a software engineering candidate (from juniors to super seniors). In order for the candidate to prove their programming chops in a specific tech stack, they have to repair all the damage done to the source code and seriously kick ass while doing so.

Despite their simplicity, the apps must meet all industry and professional standards. In addition, you have to write a whole bunch of (I dunno, like 20?) unit tests to ensure that the candidate has fixed the app so that it successfully implements “Hello World” instead of “the Earth is flat” or something equally groundbreaking.

We are as flexible as it gets. Three hours every other week? We’ll take that! Also, you’ll be working 100% remotely w/o any creepy spyware checking on whether you’re coding away or watching The IT Crowd (have you tried turning it off and on again?). It takes on average 2-6 hours to complete a single task depending on its complexity and the tech stack required (the Java ones are the fastest, right?).

Just think of your fellow devs’ reaction when you tell them you’re getting paid for writing “Hello World” stuff. Booyah! If you want to take advantage of probably the perfect side hustle, don’t hesitate, send your resume to jobs@devskiller.com with the position in the subject line.

It’s not a job for you but you have someone in your mind that fits this role? Just let them know about this job offer, we will be more than grateful.