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How to screen front end developer skills - HTML and CSS Blog

Como fazer o screen front end de habilidades de desenvolvedor - HTML e CSS

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HTML and CSS are two of the most fundamental front end developer skills. You’d be hard-pressed to come across a web developer who doesn’t have at least a basic understanding of the two stalwarts. However, some believe that HTML and CSS shouldn’t be given the same respect as other languages because neither requires any internal logic. That’s because HTML and CSS are declarative languages that instruct a web browser to render web pages rather than use computational code.

Despite what some may think, it’s becoming increasingly valuable for developers to possess in-depth knowledge and expertise of theses two languages. Verifying a developer’s HTML and CSS skills is as important as ascertaining skills in languages like Java and C++. Surely, anyone vaguely technical should have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. In the end, that’s all you need, right? Not exactly.

HTML and CSS make up the backbone of front end development along with JavaScript. In fact, you’ll also find quite a lot of back-end developers who use these languages on a regular basis. While you will never find a developer who solely uses these languages, HTML and CSS are critical enough to modern software development to ensure that front end developers are able to use them effectively. While they are simple to get started with, advanced applications require in-depth skill and understanding. It’s essential to verify that your developer has this understanding.

Check out more qualities of a software engineer.

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React vs React Native

Reagir vs Reagir Nativo: Qual é a diferença?

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React and React Native are two powerful technologies that are behind some of the most popular web and mobile applications in the world today. You’re probably not even aware, but you use at least one of the two every single day. So what’s the difference between React vs React Native?

React and React Native are two technologies used in the development of web and mobile applications. Both use JavaScript and are known for building web and mobile user interfaces (UI).

As you read on, we’ll break down the differences between React vs React Native, define their strengths and weaknesses, and provide some examples of companies that have adopted the two technologies.

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História das linguagens de programação

História das linguagens de programação

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Computer programming is the very basis of the digital age that we live in today. Every time you like a post on social media, send an email, or set an alarm on your phone, a programming language is working behind the scenes – pulling the strings. 

But where did it all begin? And what spurred its growth into the leading industry that exists today? Most of all, why is knowing the history of programming languages important to hiring developers?

Join us, as we embark on a tour of the history of programming languages. This retrospective will demonstrate how much computer programming has developed over the years.  It’ll take you back from the early languages and complicated machine code to sophisticated human-readable language that powers our favorite technologies today. 

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Teste algorítmico Tomasz Nurkiewicz

Não vou à sua entrevista de teste algorítmico.

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Como é que uma pessoa média contrata um top-notch Alfaiate? Pedem aos candidatos que lhes mostrem o que costuraram até agora, talvez até lhes peçam para coser algo rapidamente. Então eles observarão os resultados, observando como eles operam bem a máquina de costura, a organização do local de trabalho, e avaliarão a atenção do alfaiate aos detalhes. Eles estão desperdiçando muito tecido ou simplesmente não estão fazendo um bom trabalho?

Como é que os desenvolvedores de software contratam alfaiate de primeira linha? Bem, provavelmente seria algo parecido com isto; Isto é um quadro branco. Por favor, desenhe a diferença entre nó de Ghiordes e Senneh. Derivar o comprimento do fio em função da área de superfície do tecido".

Honestamente, acredito que um alfaiate de primeira linha deveria saber a diferença, mas o que estamos realmente verificando aqui? Você quer um casaco elegante ou uma equação elegante em um quadro branco? Leia mais

C and C++: software engineer interview questions

Screen C and C++ Developers Skills

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C and C++ developers don’t get the same buzz as developers in other languages. They aren’t as ubiquitous as JavaScript developers. They aren’t as well connected to hot topics like data science as Python developers. They don’t use a technology as up-and-coming as Kotlin developers do. But unlike the technologies making all the headlines, C and C++ continue to be the workhorses of many essential systems as well as areas like embedded technology and gaming. As a result, there is still a lot of demand for C and C++ developers. So the question becomes, how do you screen C and C++ developer skills?

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Desafios de codificação da entrevista técnica

Como utilizar os desafios técnicos de codificação de entrevistas para contratar os melhores desenvolvedores

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Interview coding challenges are a highly polarizing topic. The truth is, you could probably fill libraries with resources to help you master coding interview challenges. That said, what does it take for the employee to create an effective coding challenge scenario?

Interview coding challenges aren’t inherently evil. They can help developers master the art of coding. From the recruiter’s point of view, they can help choose the right candidates. You have to be careful though because they’re a double-edged sword. If done right, they can help you identify the best candidates. If done wrong, however, they can turn your candidates into your enemies and possibly make a bad hiring decision.

Para mais dicas e truques, dê uma olhada em O guia definitivo para a entrevista técnica.

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Slack hacks for hiring developers

Why you should use Slack hacks to hire developers

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If you work in an office, there’s a good chance that you use Slack. It’s an incredible tool for collaboration. It will come as no surprise then that there are a few key Slack hacks that can speed up tech recruitment. In this post, you’ll find out some fantastic Slack hacks you can use to do a lot more in the same workflow that you already use. If you don’t already use Slack for tech recruitment, there are some good reasons why you should. Leia mais

From a code plagiarism checker to an IP tracker, DevSkiller’s tests are secure

[Webinar]From a code plagiarism checker to an IP tracker, DevSkiller’s tests are secure

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It goes without saying that a developer skills test is only useful if you know the right person took the test. In the vast majority of cases, this is not an issue. But we still employ a code plagiarism checker on our system. Why is that?

Why you need a code plagiarism checker

Plagiarism is a big problem in society. According to Academic Paradigms, LLC, The Center for Academic Integrity found that almost 80% of college students admit to cheating at least once.  And if you think that this is simply a case of all those underwater basket weaving students handing in cheap baskets from the Walmart as their end of term project, you would be sorely mistaken.

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Scala: software engineer interview questions

Scala developer skills

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It can be incredibly difficult to find the right Scala developer. You have to search through mountains of resumes sent by candidates and recruiters to find the right one. But at the end of the day, it is hard to tell which of these potential candidates will be able to do the job and which are simply not right for your organization. To make your job a little easier, we’ve written this article to explain exactly what you need to do to find the right Scala developer. Leia mais

Entrevista de codificação online e como codificar o CodePair remotamente

Entrevista de codificação online e como codificar o CodePair remotamente

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The reason why you give a coding interview to a software development candidate is to make an educated guess of how well they will do their job if they are hired. Este post lhe dirá a melhor maneira de dar uma entrevista de codificação on-line com um CodePair remoto, também conhecido como um entrevista de avaliação de competências de programação em pares. Ele também lhe dirá como proporcionar uma melhor experiência ao candidato através da análise de códigos remotamente.

Entrevistas de codificação, que envolviam a leitura de folhas de chá. Depois apareceu a bola de cristal e mudou a indústria da noite para o dia.

Of course, I’m joking but a lot of the popular methods for interviewing software developers predict their success about as well as a crystal ball.

O que você quer ver é como seus candidatos a desenvolvedores se comportam sob condições reais. Ao mesmo tempo, você quer que seja o mais indolor possível para o seu candidato fazer o teste.

Uma entrevista online CodePair dá-lhe uma janela para o processo de desenvolvimento do seu candidato. É o mais próximo de um ambiente real que você encontrará em qualquer lugar.

An online CodePair interview is only part of a technical interview. For more info, tips, and tricks check out O guia definitivo para a entrevista técnica.

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.NET: perguntas de engenheiro de software para entrevista

Screen .NET Developer Skills Set List & Experience Requirements

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You are about to start a recruitment campaign to hire a .NET developer or a .NET Core developer. But once you receive your applications and resumes, you have to decide who is good enough to get to an on-site technical interview. This requires a technical screening process.

O que muitos recrutadores técnicos não percebem é quecreening involves more than glancing through a resume. Why is that? On the one hand, good .NET developers are scarce so you don’t want to overlook a candidate with potential and good programming skills. On the other, you don’t want to invite weak candidates for an interview. This wastes the precious time of your IT team and coworkers.

Então surge a questão, como você pode selecionar as habilidades de programação .NET dos seus candidatos a desenvolvedores .NET para entrevistar os bons candidatos e filtrar os maus? Reunimos este guia para mostrar o que é importante na tecnologia .NET e como selecionar os candidatos de forma rápida e eficaz. Você está pronto? Vamos começar com o básico. Leia mais

programming contest

Use programming contests as an efficient way to attract and engage developers

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Developers are in increasing demand, a fact that doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon. This means that the higher the demand for top tech talent, the more efficient you need to be with your sourcing in order to attract the best coding talent. One of the best ways to do this is to organize a programming contest. If done right, it can be a great way to attract devs to your conference and pick up qualified candidates to funnel into your recruiting strategy. Leia mais

7 Steps to Hiring Top Developers

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If there was ever an image summing up the developer recruitment pattern, it’s the one used by Isaac Lyman in his Medium post “How to recruit a developer”:

Looks familiar, right?

Unless you are one of the lucky companies offering “showstopper” jobs, it’s very rarely that top tech talent comes knocking on your door. Good developers are quickly snapped up because as passive candidates they get subsequent offers. They are almost never on the market because they don’t need to be shopping for jobs. Leia mais

Python: perguntas do engenheiro de software para entrevistas

Como examinar as habilidades dos desenvolvedores Python

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Se você está procurando por uma pessoa com habilidades de desenvolvedor Python, saiba que encontrá-los é apenas metade da jornada. Então, mesmo que você possa encontrá-los, pode ser necessário algum esforço extra para realmente entender o que as habilidades Python realmente são. O verdadeiro conjunto de habilidades Python é uma coisa complexa de entender, mas aqui apresentamos um especialista na área, Wojtek Erbetowski, para trazer o tópico à luz.

1. O que é Python?

Python é uma das linguagens de programação mais populares (terceira no ranking de acordo com a Índice TIOBE as of December 2018). It was first released in 1991 and gained its popularity for being simple to learn, yet powerful in solving problems. The syntax is similar to the C++ family, yet is equipped in a variety of modern solutions. Leia mais

Android: perguntas de engenheiro de software para entrevista

Habilidades de desenvolvedor Android e perguntas para entrevistas

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habilidades de desenvolvedor Android estão em grande demanda, e espera-se que essa demanda cresça ainda mais, já que o Android é o sistema operacional móvel dominante atualmente, rodando em inúmeros modelos de smartphones e tablets, assim como em muitos outros dispositivos. Como resultado, uma campanha de recrutamento para Desenvolvedor Android é muito difícil. Tem que ser rápido e preciso se você quiser contratar os melhores. Caso contrário, os seus concorrentes vão roubar-lhe o candidato. A triagem geralmente leva mais tempo, então vamos descobrir como fazê-lo de uma forma rápida e eficaz. Leia mais

JavaScript: software engineer interview questions

How to screen JavaScript developer skills to find the best – guide for IT recruitment

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1. What is JavaScript?

JavaScript (also known as JS) is high-level, prototype-based, untyped, dynamic language. Depending on the environment JavaScript can be interpreted or compiled. It is a multi-paradigm programming language, supporting object-oriented, imperative and functional programming styles. Leia mais