React Native Online Coding Tests

DevSkiller React Native online coding tests lead the way when it comes to the most accurate methods of React Native evaluation available. DevSkiller’s React Native testing is specially designed by our expert team for the recruitment of React Native developers; both in the search for new junior React Native developers and in the recruitment of the best developers at any level of experience. Testing in React Native is fast and precise, and designed to ensure you find the perfect developer through our specific range of challenges and online tests.

DevSkiller React Native Online tests are powered by the RealLifeTesting™ methodology, a method that aims to replicate real-world scenarios for developers, within a real time frame. DevSkiller methods for testing React Native developers can be evaluated anytime and anywhere. Easily find your next developer with our effective methods of React Native evaluation.

Reagir Nativo
Competências testadas
108 minutos, no máximo.
Visão geral dos testes

Perguntas de escolha

avaliação do conhecimento de ES6, JavaScript

Tarefa de programação - Nível: Difícil

React Native | Movie Store - Implementa uma aplicação que permite aos utilizadores comprar todos os filmes que possam imaginar.

Reagir Nativo
Competências testadas
101 minutos, no máximo.
Visão geral dos testes

Perguntas de escolha

avaliação do conhecimento de ES6, JavaScript

Tarefa de programação - Nível: Médio

Reagir Nativo | HR Companion App - Implementar uma aplicação para ajudar o departamento de RH a manter a lista de candidatos a serem avaliados.

Reagir Nativo
Competências testadas
70 minutos, no máximo.
Visão geral dos testes

Perguntas de escolha

avaliação do conhecimento de ES6, JavaScript

Tarefa de programação - Nível: Fácil

React Native | Ultimate BugTracker - Implementa funcionalidades em falta e corrige bugs na aplicação usada como um bug tracker interno de uma casa de software.

Os testes online React Native correctos para analisar os programadores React Native

Recommended roles suited to Online tests and React Native Evaluation

  • Reagir Native Developer
  • Desenvolvedor Frontend
  • Desenvolvedor móvel
  • desenvolvedor do iOS
  • desenvolvedor Android
  • Junior React Native Developer
  • Desenvolvedor Nativo de Reação Média
  • Desenvolvedora Nativa Senior React

Como funcionam os nossos testes online React Native

DevSkiller React Native evaluation is powered by The RealLifeTesting™ methodology, which allows the recruiter to assess each candidate accurately, including their time-management skills and their ability to use coding in React Native. 

Características principais

  • DevSkiller React Native testing aims to provide a clear understanding of a candidate’s practical coding skills and not just their academic background.
  • Remote testing in React Native to save time and money 
  • The RealLifeTesting™ methodology creates a unique testing environment where candidates can use their own IDE and have access to Stack Overflow/Github and Google for research. They can also run unit tests and clone to GIT.
  • Effective anti-plagiarism tools implemented to ensure authenticity.
  • React Native testing in real-time
  • Automatically generated non-technical results that are easy to understand
  • Testing in React Native available for junior to senior developers.

Skills covered in our React Native testing 

  • Reagir Nativo
  • JavaScript
  • ES5
  • ES6
  • React-Redux
  • Testes instantâneos

O que procurar no React Native developers

A React Native developer should have a range of skills at their disposal. Knowledge of the current JavaScript standard ES10 is certainly desirable, as is ability in TypeScript. It is important to understand the level of experience required from your candidate, as for instance, a junior React Native developer will not need the same level of commercial experience as a senior-level React Native developer. It will also be helpful for your React Native developer to demonstrate knowledge of the Redux, Redux-Thunk, Redux-Saga, React-Router, or GraphQL libraries.   

Looking for a little more?

Maybe you want to try testing React Native developers using your own codebase? Easy! The DevSkiller online task wizard is packed with features allowing you to customize your React Native testing. You can set the languages you want to test and control how long the test will last. Remote testing allows you to screen candidates conveniently from anywhere, while still being able to monitor their progress in real-time. 

Still unsure about DevSkiller React Native online tests?

Interested in trying DevSkiller for React Native testing, but a need little convincing? Here’s what other businesses have to say:

Olga Berger – Lead Recruiter & Sourcing Specialist at CodeValue

“DevSkiller is easy to use and friendly.”

Jonathan Rugarn - CEO, Fundador, Recrutador na Lingonberry Talent Acquisition, Gerente de Engenharia do Avinode Group

“We spend less time and effort per candidate. We also don’t waste time on the wrong candidates.”

Ivana Nikolic – HR Manager at ImpacTech 

“The greatest advantage for the candidates is that they can proceed with the tests at their own convenience… it is also a time saver for them, as they do not have to take time off in order to attend numerous interviews in the search for a new position.”

Perguntas mais frequentes

O que é RealLifeTestingTM?

The RealLifeTestingTM methodology is the driving force behind DevSkiller React Native evaluation, providing businesses with a well-rounded view of an applicant’s whole skillset. The RealLifeTestingTM methodology follows the principle that the best way to get the most out of a candidate during the selection process, is to provide them with tasks that reflect the work they’ll be doing- like building full project apps or adding features to existing apps. 

To succeed, candidates need to demonstrate their skills with coding in React Native and to understand resources like Stack Overflow. Their ability to demonstrate critical thinking to resolve the problems they are faced with will set apart the ideal candidates from the pack. 

How is testing in React Native evaluated?

React Native evaluation takes place automatically and the DevSkiller platform gets to work the moment the candidate finishes their React Native testing. Results are generated quickly and are presented in a way that is easy to understand. Assessment is based on factors such as the number of coding errors, the quality of the code, and how it stands up in edge cases. There are also plagiarism tools applied to eliminate the chance of repetition from previous tests.  

Como é que os candidatos fazem um teste de codificação React Native?

DevSkiller’s React Native testing can be carried out remotely whenever the candidate would like to get started and each test can be set with a time limit. Candidates can opt to use DevSkiller’s state of the art in-browser IDE, or if they prefer, they can complete the project on their favorite IDE and then clone the project to GIT.  They can also run unit tests to check their solutions work. Reports are then sent to the recruiter automatically to assess the results.

What do candidates think of DevSkiller tests?

The feedback we get from developer candidates is overwhelmingly positive. Candidates love DevSkiller’s innovative method of testing in React Native. Being given a chance to actually demonstrate their software development skills is something that really strikes a chord with developer candidates, much more than with standard algorithm tests that don’t test the candidate’s practical skills on an everyday basis.