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Contagem de entradas de ficheiros de registo correspondentes Teste para Programador Java intermédio | Analisador de registos

Nível global de antiguidade
Duração do ensaio
66 minutos

Resumo do teste

O teste é composto por várias tarefas. Tarefa de programação e perguntas de escolha. Todas são avaliadas automaticamente.

Tipos de tarefas

Tarefa de programação

Java | Analisador de logs | Contagem de entradas de arquivo de log correspondentes - Conclui um método que conta as linhas de um arquivo ZIP correspondentes às cadeias de pesquisa.

Nível: Médio

Competências testadas: Java, Java 17

Perguntas de escolha

10 choice questions assessing knowledge of CleanCode, Concurrency, I/O system, Java, Stream API

Nível: Médio

Competências testadas: CleanCode, Concurrency, I/O system, Java, Stream API

Avaliação automática

Pontuamos automaticamente testes de escolha múltipla e tarefas de programação e avaliamos o código candidato candidatos quanto à correção lógica, eficiência temporal e qualidade do código.

Online Middle Java programming test

With the Middle Java programming test, you have a possibility to check your candidate’s knowledge using various question types. Our tasks are designed by subject-matter experts which allows you to assess whether your candidates can apply their skills in real life.

Using Devskiller’s test for Middle Java developer you can efficiently and effectively screen your candidates to find the ideal developer for your open position.

Our tests consist of varied tasks which immerse the applicant into the real work environment and help you see whether this person can deal with real business problems or not. This is possible thanks to the RealLifeTesting™ methodology our tests are powered by.

Ideal for Middle Java Developer openings

With the help of Junior Java Developer tests, you can screen tech skills of the candidates for the Junior Java Developer position with approximately 3 to 5 years of experience. Of course, the years of experience needed to reach this level of seniority should be treated tentatively as they depend on multiple factors.

Devskiller’s Middle Java programming test may help you in assessing candidates for these positions:

  • Programador Java intermédio
  • Programador Java intermédio
  • Engenheiro de software Java intermédio
  • Programador de software Java intermédio
  • Programador de software Java intermédio 
  • Programador Java de backend intermédio

The advantages of a Devskiller Java programming test

Middle Java coding test is a helpful tool in verifying the knowledge of coding skills. Such test should consist of different questions to ensure you that the candidate can deal with different types of problems at work. With Devskiller you are able to use different types of questions and run online interviews right on the platform. 

Java online test for tech recruitment

A Devskiller Java programming test is powered by RealLifeTestingTM methodology, which means that it mirrors the first day of work. The candidate is faced with distinct types of questions and tasks so that you can understand how good they are on a given topic. Try to always screen your candidates as one of the very first steps of the recruitment process to decrease the amount of money and time wasted on inappropriate candidates.

These are the advantages of using Devskiller:  

  • hire faster and more accurately
  • select a perfect test for your position
  • reduce the time spent for mismatching candidates