Modelo de descrição de cargo de desenvolvedor Java

Dezembro 22, 2020
Descrição de funções de Java Developer

Java Developer - para alguém que não trabalha na indústria de TI, pode ser um título de trabalho extravagante para um torrefador de café. Mas nesta indústria, é um desenvolvedor experiente e qualificado que se especializa em uma das linguagens de programação mais populares do mundo.

So what does a Java developer do? Aside from the daily chores of any developer, a Java developer uses Java to design, develop, implement, and maintain Java-based applications.

What is a Java developer?

A Java developer uses the Java programming language and a wide range of other tools to create applications. As java is one of the most widely used coding languages, the specific roles and tasks of a Java developer vary from business to business. It’s important that Java isn’t mixed up with Javascript – Java is primarily server-side Javascript is primarily browser-based.

What are the most important Java developer skills?

It’s essential that a java programmer has experience and skills in software development. As Java is so widely used, there are a number of other IT skills that are essential.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Java-based web services
  • SQL, ORM, and other database skills
  • Test-drive development
  • Object orientated analysis and design
  • Familiarity with J2EE
  • XML, X query, and XSL
  • JSP

It’s also worth noting that a highly-desirable Java developer should possess traits to overcome the stresses and difficulties of working in this specific role, such as being able to learn new languages quickly, the patience to find problems and the creativity to problem solve.

Qualifications for a Java developer are wide and varying. Junior roles may require nothing more than significant knowledge and a thorough portfolio of work, while senior roles often require degrees in computer science and years of experience.

An effective Java developer also has a passion for coding and technology. The best developers stay on top of the industry and new technologies as they launch, and regularly change their work methods to reflect the latest findings.

Java developer responsibilitiesCrédito de imagem: Charles Deluvio em Desplash

Java developer responsibilities

Java developer skills are wide and varied. As Java is used throughout the entire lifecycle development of applications, a Java developer’s skills need to be wide-reaching and comprehensive. This means that a Java developer should be skilled and experienced with everything from concept, right through to maintenance and testing.

Some more common Java developer skills and responsibilities include:

  • Design, carry out and manage Java development phases
  • Participate in architectural development
  • Analyze, debug and test software
  • Find and solve production and non-production application issues
  • Create, launch and maintain critical, high-volume, low-latency systems
  • Be readily available for debugging
  • Contribute as part of a team, but also meet individual performance targets
  • Write efficient, testable, and reliable code.
  • Ensure that design complies with business goals and specifications
  • Prepare and release software updates
  • Stay informed about alternative technologies and innovation
  • Find improvements in established applications

Modelo de descrição de cargo de desenvolvedor Java

Does this sound like you?

Our company is on the hunt for experienced Java developers to join our growing product team. If you’ve got between three and five years of work experience as a Java developer, we want to hear from you!

Our ideal candidate has a proven track record of using Java to design and develop almost any form of web application. You must be capable of working as part of a team, but also able to meet individual work quotas. You’ll be making significant contributions throughout the entire application development process, from concept and ideation, right through to deployment and ongoing maintenance.

As we work on a wide range of projects, the ability to adapt to new specifications is essential. Rather than just resting on your most preferred work practices, you’ll have to work within your team of other Java developers and coders, as well as remotely supporting clients with a variety of tasks including (but not limited to) debugging and maintenance work. On larger tasks, you’ll work within your team with an emphasis on creating quality code that’s easy to work with both now and well into the future. You’ll liaise with other developers and managers and take on different tasks from project to project.


You’ll be working closely with other Java developers, as well as other developers who are working on other applications. You will, therefore:

  • Be responsible for Java app development, writing maintainable and reusable code
  • Continuously get feedback from users, customers, and colleagues in order to create a better product/
  • Assist in the brainstorming, development, and maintenance of new software
  • Help to research, analyze and provide suggestions for new software solutions
  • Identify bugs, bottlenecks, and other problems within code, and devise ways to solve and/or improve upon them.
  • Maintain a clean, complex code that’s able to be worked on by others
  • Take ideas from the storyboard level and turn them into functional, executable applications
  • Evaluate third-party/agency code to ensure it meets industry standards and is universally compatible with various browsers and platforms
  • [Por favor adicione/remova quaisquer outras responsabilidades que sejam relevantes/irrelevantes].

És um grande apto para este papel, se é que o fazes:

  • Can handle working in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment
  • Value innovation and creativity in your workplace
  • Communicate clearly and concisely.
  • Have an eye for creativity and use it to create effective solutions

Habilidades e qualificações

Vais ter de demonstrar:

  • High proficiency with Java and extensive knowledge of its ecosystems
  • Thorough knowledge of object-orientated programming
  • Solid understanding of a variety of design and architectural patterns
  • The ability to write Java libraries that can be reused
  • Skill in writing clean, efficient, and easy to read Java code
  • An extensive understanding of the basic design principles of a scalable application
  • The ability to implement automated testing platforms, as well as unit tests

O seguinte seria uma vantagem:

  • Over three years of experience working in a similar position
  • A passion for keeping up with the industry as it develops and evolves

O que nós oferecemos:

  • [Por favor, acrescente qualquer coisa relevante que queira que os seus candidatos saibam]

Fim do modelo

Why you need to get your Java developer job description perfect

As you read earlier, Java is one of the most widely used programming languages. You need your Java developer job description to be accurate so that you attract the most relevant applicants. The most basic and undefined Java job description is like saying you want to hire a mechanic – it’s much easier to hire the right mechanic if you specify what skills, experiences, and background you want your mechanic to have.

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