Average software developer salary numbers

The majority of developers who change jobs do so because they seek higher compensation. As a recruiter, knowing salary benchmarks is useful in a number of situations. It can help you discuss budgets realistically before posting job ads and negotiate salary with candidates more confidently. All in all, knowing how much developers specializing in a given tech stack earn helps you make informed decisions based on what other tech professionals are making.

We’ve gathered the key industry benchmarks from industry leaders and grouped them by tech stack. Discover the average software developer salary numbers in the respective sections below:

Python Developer salary data

Because Python is the fastest-growing major programming language, Python developers are in constant demand. Find out how much Python developers are making based on industry benchmarks from PayScale, Glassdoor, and Indeed.

Dados salariais completos do desenvolvedor JavaScript

Java continues to be the most popular technology tested as a part of recruitment but there’s always a shortage of skilled Java engineers. We identify the core skills and additional skills in Java and see how they affect the Java developer salary.

Complete full stack developer salary data Blog

Full-stack development seems to be one of the top career prospects today. Given that full-stack developers need a variety of skills to do their jobs, their salaries are typically higher than those of some other developers.

Dados salariais completos do desenvolvedor do front-end

Front-end development or client-side development refers to everything users can view and interact with. The main skills of front end developers are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They typically work with pretty much everyone in a team so they face some unique challenges.

Complete iOS Developer salary data

iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system globally and #1 in some countries like the US, Australia, and Canada. It comes as no surprise then that iOS developers are in massive demand. iOS developers typically enjoy higher salaries than those of other developers.

Dados salariais do desenvolvedor .NET

.NET has been growing in popularity for a long time now. Working with .NET, its languages and frameworks, such as ASP.NET is also a must. Thanks to the framework’s popularity and versatility, .NET developers are in demand.

Dados salariais completos do desenvolvedor Android

The mobile developer population is expected to grow to 14M by 2020. As Android dominates the mobile market, the war for Android developers is in full swing which means the average Android developer salary is typically higher than those of other development roles.

Dados salariais completos para desenvolvedores SQL

Database skills are important for employers worldwide and most developers will get a database skills check as a part of the recruitment process. In this article, you can find the benchmarks for an SQL developer salary and identify the factors affecting them.

Dados salariais completos do desenvolvedor JavaScript

JavaScript is the #1 most commonly used programming language (for the 7th year in a row!).  Based on our data, over 70% of companies want to hire a JavaScript developer. Check out how locations and additional skills impact the paychecks of JavaScript developers.

Dados salariais completos para desenvolvedores de aplicativos móveis

Dado que tanto a penetração de smartphones como o uso de aplicativos estão crescendo constantemente, a demanda por desenvolvedores que possam criar aplicativos móveis está aumentando. Não é de admirar: espera-se que os aplicativos móveis tenham o maior impacto no sucesso do negócioe gerar um $189 bilhões em receitas até 2020. Find out what factors affect an average mobile app develoepr salary.

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