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[Vídeo]7 fórmula de 7 passos para contratar os melhores talentos tecnológicos

Julho 16, 2019
Fórmula de 7 passos para contratar os melhores talentos tecnológicos

Contratar os desenvolvedores de software certos é extremamente importante. Requer um grande investimento (até $31,970) para conseguir a pessoa certa. Se você se enganar, você pode estar olhando para uma perda de quase meio milhão de dólares nos piores casos. Assim, cada profissional e recrutador de tecnologia engajado que vale o seu sal está constantemente trabalhando para construir um processo que seja ao mesmo tempo eficiente e eficaz.

Alugue o talento técnico certo

Mas não tem de ser assim tão difícil. Neste vídeo, explicamos a nossa comprovada fórmula de 7 passos para contratar o talento técnico certo. Descobre porque deves,

  1. Comece a fazer sourcing de forma criativa, com foco na qualidade em detrimento da quantidade
  2. Comece a usar uma plataforma técnica automatizada de triagem
  3. Realizar entrevistas de codificação online
  4. Fazer ofertas de emprego oportunas e justas
  5. Torne a sua equipa de recrutamento tecnicamente mais consciente
  6. Eliminar o preconceito inconsciente
  7. Nutrir os seus candidatos

Follow these steps to get better candidates that stay in your funnel for longer, and ultimately hire the best person for the job.

Video Transcript

I’ve just spent an hour interviewing a candidate we’re not going to hire. 5 minutes in, I knew it was a disaster but still had to stay there. Sounds familiar? It probably does. What if I told you there was a way out of this madness?

Our seven-step formula to hire top tech talent

At DevSkiller, we’ve designed and tested a seven-step formula to hire top tech talent. This formula addresses the biggest pain points of tech recruiters and developers. They include:

  • a painfully long and confusing recruitment process,
  • ridiculously high hiring costs
  • wasting plenty of time on interviewing weak candidates

The problem is, recruiters don’t typically have the skills they recruit for so they need to ask developers to run technical interviews. The more they do that, the more frustrated developers get. Recruiters try to solve this problem by evaluating soft skills at the very beginning, but that’s another way of wasting time. They still don’t know if someone can code or not.

Alternatively, recruiters also try to exclude candidates based on their CVs, which still doesn’t have anything to do with coding skills. CVs can be misleading and this type of pre-screening typically results in losing good candidates. You should recruit people for their programming skills and not their resume writing skills.

Truth be told, all this creates a lot of tension between HR and IT.

The steps we’ll cover in this video can be applied to all of the stages of the recruitment process: sourcing, screening, interview, offer, and hire.

Let’s get this party started.

Step #1: Start sourcing creatively, focusing on quality over quantity

There is definitely a shortage of great developers so getting their attention is hard. The first step you need to take is to start sourcing creatively and focus on quality over quantity. Sending copy-paste emails in bulk makes no sense, developers already get hundreds of these and they all end up in the spam folder.

You need to raise your game, personalize,  anticipate their needs, ask them what’s missing in their current position. Treat them as humans. And above all, act like you’re human, too.

Target the right people for the right spot. To do that learn to use GitHub, Excesso de pilhae LinkedIn more efficiently than other recruiters to get better sourcing results. Example? Viewing a developer’s recently asked questions section in Stack Overflow gives you an idea what they’re currently working on without having to ask about it.

Another idea? There’s a way to search Stack Overflow to find users from a specific location and using a skill tag you’re after. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Use this information when approaching the developer so they see that you did your homework. When it comes to sourcing, it’s stand out or die!

Step #2: Start using an automated technical screening platform

The second step is to implement an automated technical screening platform. Why? Your recruitment process needs to be lightning fast and super efficient. Just imagine how you can grow your employer branding and recruitment results by keeping the whole process under a week instead of over a month. Running technical interviews for every single candidate will never let your developers get their real job done. They’ll just be interviewing people all the time, which they most likely don’t like.

Of course, there’s always a catch. In the case of exame técnico, the choice of tasks you use is super important! You should use tasks that mirror real work done in your company and allow the candidate to use all the resources they are used to. Developers hate jumping through hoops that make no sense for the job they are applying, but they love solving coding problems that matter.

Step #3: Run online coding interviews

The third step? Run online coding interviews. Developers are busy and scheduling interviews can be a nightmare. Traveling to be interviewed in person is a waste of time for many programmers. Online coding interviews let you see the candidate’s skills in action and they show you how they think. The easier you make it for the candidate, the more likely people are to get engaged.

Step #4: Make timely and fair job offers

The fourth step is to make sure the offer you give is timely and fair. Check tech salary benchmarks and try to be as quick as you can. If you take too long, you risk losing the candidate altogether. Don’t be a cheapskate because that will sacrifice quality.

Step #5: Make your recruitment team more technically aware

The fifth step of the developer hiring formula is to increase the technical awareness of your recruitment team. This will help you understand who are you recruiting and why. The easiest way is to finish our Curso Gratuito de Certificação de Recrutamento Tecnológico where we go through the nuts and bolts of tech recruitment to get you going. Again, it’s free and you just need to invest your time to go through it. Some recruiters don’t even know the difference between Java e JavaScript. Don’t. Be. Like. That. Period.

Step #6: Eliminate unconscious bias

Step number six: eliminate viés inconsciente. You might think you’re not biased, but hey… That’s why it’s called unconscious, right? Diverse teams perform better and are more productive. Anonymized automated technical screening and creating multiple touchpoints are a great start.

Step #7: Nurture your candidates

The final step number 7, show your candidates you care about them by nurturing them throughout the recruitment process. Make the process clear from the beginning so they know exactly what they will go through and how long it will take. Notify them about the status of their application, thank them for taking the time to attend your interview. And most importantly, nobody’s favorite – let them know you’re not going to hire them if that’s your decision.

It’s to hire better tech talent

Now that you have the process, it’s time to start hiring the right developers

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