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RealLifeTesting™ methodology

One of the greatest challenges of hiring a quality developer is accurately verifying their skills. For years, the industry has relied on whiteboard testing and algorithmic knowledge to assess developers – mostly because this was just the easiest to verify. To make matters worse, tech candidates hate these outdated screening procedures because they don’t allow them to showcase the skills that really matter.

That is until we created DevSkiller and the RealLifeTesting™ methodology.

What is the RealLifeTesting methodology?

The RealLifeTesting™ methodology powers all TalentScore programming tasks. The core of our methodology is that coding skills should be evaluated with work sample tests focused on coding. These work sample assignments mirror real-world work and provide highly accurate results.

The RealLifeTesting™ methodology consists of three main pillars:

  1. Holistic testing
  2. Real-world testing conditions
  3. Assessing the entire technology system

Pillar 1. Holistic testing: See what your tech candidates can do with code

The RealLifeTesting™ methodology is designed to help recruiters verify the skills and experience of technical candidates. For this reason, TalentScore tests developers with a wide range of tasks, offering a holistic view of their coding skills. This insight is invaluable for technical recruiters. It provides a total understanding of a developer’s skills, unlike other screening solutions that only assess theoretical or academic knowledge.

TalentScore programming tasks are designed to show you how technical candidates can use coding to resolve business problems. They work by asking candidates to build full project apps or add features to existing apps. These projects are built to replicate the actual work that a developer would be likely to encounter on their first day of the job.

Pillar 2. Real-world testing conditions

At DevSkiller, we believe that the entire screening process should provide a positive developer experience. It is this understanding that forms the second pillar of the RealLifeTesting™ methodology. We create testing conditions identical to those that a developer would be working on for a real-world project.

Candidates can interact with our tasks by cloning the unique Git repository and solving it locally using their favorite tools as it mirrors the native development process. They can also choose to solve a problem using world-class JetBrains IDEs embedded in the TalentScore candidate platform.

Pillar 3: We assess the entire technology ecosystem

If you want to hire a great Java developer, it is essential to verify that this person has a total understanding of the Java ecosystem. That means the technical candidate should understand not only the Java language but also have an understanding of various Java frameworks, libraries, and tools. Yet too often, companies are left short-changed by the insights provided with other technical screening solutions.

At DevSkiller, we aim to assess technical candidates’ complete knowledge of a given tech stack – not just their aptitude in a single programming language. This means we assess programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools to verify skills. Why? Just because a candidate understands a programming language well does not necessarily make them a great developer.

It’s the way forward! Learn more about the RealLifeTesting™ benefits!