Looking to find the right Android Developer for your business? Let DevSkiller help in your search. Our Android service online tests are specially prepared to help in the search for junior, middle, and senior Android developers, and are uniquely structured to accurately screen each applicant’s abilities through a series of challenges and interview questions.

What distinguishes DevSkiller, is that our tests are powered by the RealLifeTesting methodology, a distinctive means of testing which aims to replicate the real scenarios that developers encounter day-to-day. Find the right candidate with our range of Android Service online tests.

Testade färdigheter
72 minuter max.
Översikt över testet

Frågor om valmöjligheter

bedömning av kunskaper om Android, iOS

Programmeringsuppgift - Nivå:

Android | Påminnelseapplikation - Implementera saknade funktioner i påminnelseapplikationen med hjälp av BroadcastReceivers, Services, Intent-planering med AlarmManager och Notifications API.

Programmeringsuppgift - Nivå:

iOS | Swift | App för studentuppgifter - Implementera en app som håller studentuppgifter i en fil och låter användarna söka i filen för att hämta specifika uppgifter.

Testade färdigheter
195 minuter max.
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Frågor om valmöjligheter

bedömning av kunskaper om Android

Programmeringsuppgift - Nivå: Svårt

Android | Uppgiftsutförarbibliotek - Implementera köer för långvariga uppgifter som uppfyller standarderna för Android multithreading, Android Service, Android Binder-specifikationer och energihantering.

Testade färdigheter
165 minuter max.
Översikt över testet

Frågor om valmöjligheter

bedömning av kunskaper om Android

Programmeringsuppgift - Nivå: Svårt

Android | Påminnelseapplikation - Implementera saknade funktioner i påminnelseapplikationen med hjälp av BroadcastReceivers, Services, Intent-planering med AlarmManager och Notifications API.

Recommended roles for an Android developer

  • Utvecklare av mobiltelefoner
  • Android-utvecklare
  • Android SDK developer
  • Android Service developer
  • Junior Android-utvecklare
  • Android-utvecklare i mitten
  • Senior Android-utvecklare

How DevSkiller Android service online tests can help

DevSkiller Android service online tests are powered by the RealLifeTesting methodology which allows recruiters to analyze a developer applicant’s knowledge of Android in-depth, while still in the screening phase. Challenged with a series of tasks and Android service online tests, each applicant has the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of Android by solving real problems that they would usually face in their everyday work. Tests can be monitored in real-time and results are generated automatically, saving on time and money.

Viktiga funktioner

  • Analysera kodningsförmågan och inte bara den akademiska förmågan.
  • Spara tid och pengar med fjärrtestning
  • RealLifeTesting metodik erbjuder en bättre användarupplevelse där kandidaterna kan använda sin egen IDE, klona till GIT, köra enhetstester och få tillgång till Stack Overflow/Github/Google för forskning.
  • Strikta antiplagiatverktyg för att säkerställa testets noggrannhet.
  • Observera tester i realtid
  • Automatiserade resultat som icke-tekniska rekryterare kan förstå
  • Tests available for junior, middle, and senior Android developers

 Skills tested in our Android service online tests

  • Android
  • Android SDK
  • Kotlin
  • ConstraintLayout
  • Arvet
  • OkHttp
  • SSL
  • TSL
  • OpenGLES
  • Java
  • JNI
  • Android-tjänst
  • BroadcastReceivers
  • Avsikt
  • TDD
  • XML
  • MVP
  • ListView
  • RecyclerView
  • Android Binder
  • Gradle
  • Multithreading
  • Spinner
  • Maskininlärning
  • ButterKnife

What to look for in an Android service developer

Down to the fact that it can run on smartphones, tablets, and various other devices, Android has become the world’s most popular mobile operating system. As one can expect, this has created a lot of competition for the best Android developers. So the problem is not finding an Android developer, but finding the right one before anyone else does. So it pays to know what to look out for. That’s where DevSkiller comes in.

Firstly, a good Android developer will need to understand the basic components of the Android platform: Activity, Fragment, Service, Intent, BroadcastReceiver, ContentProvider. They will need to know the architecture of the platform, the processes launched during app startup, threads started, and the ways in which the application communicates with the system and other applications. An Android developer will also need to know the most popular libraries that support the creation of applications, Android Support Library, Google Play Services, Retrofit, OkHTTP, rxJava, EventBus, and Dagger.

You can tell an Android service developer’s experience based on the number of applications they have on Google Play and you can even check out for yourself what they look like, how they work, and how many downloads they have.

Your Android service developer will also have to implement easy architecture and design patterns which, when writing applications, allows for easy maintenance, extensions, and testing. Your developer should also be up to date with the latest trends in MVP and MVVM.

Your developer should possess the ability to create reusable custom views, understand the rules concerning the creation of efficient views and possess an ability to deal with the market fragmentation and the mechanisms Android offers to ensure smooth operation of applications across different devices with varying specifications.

Google, who develops the source code for Android, always names each Android version after some kind of confectionary, Cupcake, Donut etc, and you might also expect an Android Developer to be able to name these.

Interested but want more from Android service online tests?

One of the great features behind DevSkiller Android Service online testing is that every test is completely customizable, allowing you to integrate the system to best suit the needs of your business.

The DevSkiller online task wizard comes ready programmed with default test settings, which can be easily altered to change the duration of each test and the varying degrees of difficulty.

Recruiters can even monitor tests in real-time and observe each candidate and even monitor against plagiarism to ensure validity.

Want proof that our Android service online tests work?

Investing in DevSkiller can be a big decision for every business, so don’t take our word for it, here is what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

Jonatan Rugarn - VD, grundare, rekryterare på Lingonberry Talent Acquisition, Engineering Manager på Avinode Group

"Rekryteringsprocessens längd har inte förändrats, men vi lägger mindre tid och kraft på varje kandidat. Vi slösar inte heller tid på fel kandidater."

Victoria Cyczewska - Specialist på talanganskaffning på Stepstone Services

"Vi har nu ett verktyg som gör att vi inte bara kan samarbeta för att skapa tester som bedömer de tekniska färdigheter som vi behöver för att växa, utan också för att kommunicera internt och externt (med kandidater). Dessutom är vår tekniska rekryteringsprocess nu mer strukturerad. Som ett exempel använder vi resultaten av vår tekniska screening som en samtalsstart under tekniska intervjuer."

Olga Berger - Lead Recruiter & Sourcing Specialist at CodeValue

"DevSkiller är lätt att använda och vänligt."

Vanliga frågor

Hur lång tid tar det att installera DevSkiller?

DevSkiller Android Service tests are simple and easy to set up, meaning you can be testing Android developer applicants within 5 minutes. The database comes with an extensive library of predefined tests meaning the hard work is already done for you.

Vad gör du åt plagiat?

DevSkiller ensures test validity by implementing various anti-plagiarism procedures during each Android service online test. Anti-plagiarism tools are in place, such as screen recording, social listening, checking the candidate’s IP address, and using live pair notifications. An automatic plagiarism detector checks any code entered and the way each question was answered and then cross-references this against every answer in the system, meaning if there is a match it means the candidate cheated.

Vad är RealLifeTesting?

The cornerstone of DevSkiller testing and what really sets us apart from ordinary algorithmic puzzles, is RealLifeTesting.  By implementing RealLifeTesting into our Android Service online tests we can present developers with a simulated test scenario that imitates the kinds of challenges they would likely encounter in their ordinary work. This means you can have a comprehensive understanding of how an applicant will perform within the job role, while still in the screening phase.

How are Android Service online tests evaluated?

One of the great benefits of DevSkiller Android service testing is that tests are evaluated automatically, saving on hours of time spent evaluating results. Once the candidate completes the test, results are compiled and an automatically generated report is presented, which is easy to understand even for non-technical professionals. Assessment is based on a number of factors including the number of errors in the code, the quality of the code, and how it works in edge cases, as well as if the solutions they gave would run.

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