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How to source and recruit data professionals effectively



Magdalena Jończak
Vice President Strategy and Transformation at Liberty Global/UPC

Ludmila Tomperi
Talent Acquisition Partner at Aiven

Tomasz Nurkiewicz
Chief Technology Officer at DevSkiller

About the panel

Demand for data roles has surged ever since tech juggernauts like Netflix, Amazon, and Google have built their empires by successfully applying machine learning algorithms to solve practical problems.

Over the past decade, companies from across the globe have undertaken similar digital transformations to find their own success. As a result, there is now a significant gap for data roles that needs to be filled.

With demand for data talent outstripping supply, what tactics can you take to address the talent shortage?

Here’s why you should watch the recording:

  1. Learn the critical steps for successful data talent recruitment
  2. Discover the ideal candidate profile for data professionals
  3. Get professional sourcing tips from our expert panelists
  4. Gain critical insights on how to overcome the data talent shortage

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