10 pitfalls of technical hiring and how to fix them

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Avoid these common pitfalls before they hurt your technical recruitment process!

A bad hiring process leads to bad hires which is hugely expensive for your organization. One bad hire can amount to $31,970 in recruiting costs alone or 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings, not to mention a 70% loss in productivity and irreparable damage to your company culture.

Avoiding the most common pitfalls in tech recruitment will significantly lower your chance of making a bad hire. We’ve done extensive analysis of customer surveys and candidate feedback to find out what turns off the candidates you want.

Armed with this information, we’ve created a game playbook of what to do when you run into theses common pitfalls:

Your hiring process is too long

A long hiring process creates unnecessary expenses and puts off candidates who don’t like being left hanging. Find out how a shorter process can keep the candidates interested and save you money.

You hold too many interviews

Interviews take up the expensive time of your experts. By picking the right candidates to interview, you save your tech team’s time while reducing the length of your hiring process.

You just can’t get sourcing right

Getting the right candidates to apply is the first step to hiring the right candidates. Find out how targeting your sourcing efforts can bring you better results.

You are stuck with inefficient screening procedures

Great candidates can have poor CVs and visa versa. They can trigger unconscious biases that should be avoided. Instead, use objective technical tests.

Being reliant on bad testing methodologies

Riddles, whiteboards, and algorithm puzzles don’t give you the information you need and put off candidates. Find out the right way to get objective information about your candidate’s technical skills.

In addition to these skills, find out how to provide a better candidate experience, give better feedback, adjust for missing salary and other critical information, and improve poor HR/IT cooperation

As a bonus, we’ve also created strategies for how to find the candidates you want in a scarcity scenario. Armed with this information you’ll be able to ramp up your recruitment operation without the awkward learning period. Instead, start out with a highly efficient process that can be scaled across your organization.

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