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Empower your employees through upskilling & reskilling opportunities

Help employees grow with personalized upskilling and reskilling programs.

Upskilling and reskilling

What you get

Attract and retain top talent with meaningful learning opportunities for in-demand skills

Discover what makes upskilling & reskilling with DevSkiller different

Upskilling and reskilling

Close present and future skill gaps

Intuitive skill maps

Get a clear view of present and missing skills at individual, team, and company level.

Upskilling insights

Enable your talent to stay current with new technologies and advancements so they continue delivering value.

Reskilling insights

Identify soon-to-become obsolete skills and design actionable reskilling plans to keep your trusted employees on board.

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Upskilling and reskilling

Tap into your employee’s ambitions

Incentivized learning paths

Help your talent become better equipped to handle new challenges and remain competitive.

Integrated learning materials

A fully customizable learning library designed to fuel growth and bolster employee engagement.

 Guided hands-on practice

Recommend skills your employees should acquire based on their prerequisites to speed up skill acquisition.

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Upskilling and reskilling

Improved organizational performance

Skills inventory monitoring

Run continuous skill audits to monitor your skills inventory as it changes.

Increased internal mobility

Prioritize internal candidates to cut hiring and onboarding costs.

 Higher productivity

Increase innovation and workforce adaptability with upskilling and reskilling programs.

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Upskilling and reskilling

Build a skills-based workforce

Hire and promote on merit

Reduce bias with multi-source skill level assessments.

Keep your employees happy and engaged

Give your employees a sense of accomplishment each time they acquire new skills.

Mentorship programs

Find top performers in a given area to increase knowledge sharing and promote collaboration.

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Upskilling and reskilling

Develop the expertise to meet your business objectives

Personalized career paths

Create personalized career paths to maximize training budget dollars.

Design goal-specific learning initiatives

Leverage mentorship programs, on-the-job training, internal and external learning courses, and certifications.

Attract top talent

Make learning part of your Employee Value Proposition to attract and retain top performers.

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What our customers say

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  • We recommend TalentBoost to every company focused on effective skills management. It helps us build better project teams while providing value to both our employees and customers.
  • The aim of our skills management project is to provide the skills needed to deliver on our digital skills strategy. By doing so, we want to maximize the potential of our employees, as well as increase their job and development satisfaction.


DevSkiller is a technical and digital skills management and assessment software focused on the entire employee lifecycle. The platform consists of two solutions: TalentBoost and TalentScore. 

TalentBoost helps companies map and manage their skills with intuitive skill visualizations. With TalentBoost, you get a bird’s eye view of skills in your company on varying levels of granularity. You can assess employee growth, as well as evaluate the team and company skills inventory. TalentBoost offers advanced upskilling and reskilling features, such as “My career” dashboards with point-system learning opportunities. 

TalentScore is a technical skills assessment solution focused on the practical skills of a developer. All TalentScore tests are powered by our proprietary RealLifeTesting™ methodology, meaning they emulate “the first day at work experience”.
The process of skills development is as follows:

1. Mapping the current skills inventory (the “as is” state)
2. Setting skills-related goals that stem from your business objectives
3. Identifying current and missing skill gaps, as well as soon-to-be obsolete skills
4. Designing skill acquisition programs to get there (the “to be” state), such as internal and external recruitment, reskilling, upskilling, and outsourcing.

The goal of a skills management solution is to serve as the one source of truth needed to make data-driven decisions, so that every time you need to close a skills gap, you know exactly what you need to do.
Though the terms are sometimes mistakenly used interchangeably, they refer to different aspects of Learning and Development. 

Upskilling is the process of the employee building on skills necessary to perform their current role and/or department. 

Reskilling refers to acquiring skills that aren’t tied to the current role of the employee. These may be related to the company’s priorities or one’s ambitions. Reskilling often serves as an exit strategy for soon-to-be obsolete roles.
First of all, the perishability of skills is at an all-time high, meaning that digital and tech skills become obsolete at an extremely high speed. As a result, the average employee needs to work much harder on making sure their skills stay relevant.

What is more, digital transformation is inadvertently causing a digital talent gap which is making employees unable to keep up with rapidly changing technological advancements.
More than ever, employers need to enable their talent to develop professionally in a meaningful way. Instead of providing old-fashioned, “basket-style” training options, they should ensure that the skills their employees develop are or will soon be utilized in the organization.
Most definitely! Upskilling and reskilling are the best way to make sure your skills inventory remains relevant as time changes. 

When a skill gap is identified, you can use your skills management data to decide whether you should train, hire internally, recruit from outside the organization, or outsource.
It most definitely is – In companies that prioritize skills over traditional job roles (namely the skills-based organizations), the internal talent hub allows employees to fluidly move to projects and tasks as needed. As the constraints imposed by traditional job roles are removed, skills-based companies become more agile and navigate disruptions with ease.
TalentBoost provides intuitive, user-friendly dashboards where employees are able to access personalized career paths. 

In the “My career” section, employees are able to view their acquired and required skills. They are also able to get skill recommendations, express interest in becoming more advanced in a given area, as well as find mentors.

TalentBoost uses a point system to incentivize professional development, making it easy to track progress over time.
We’ve built TalentBoost based on our 10+ years of experience in the skills assessment area. This experience means we understand the skills lifecycle, as well as the typical talent management challenges faced by companies all over the world. 

On top of being a software provider, we’re also your strategic partner, helping our customers navigate the process of talent management. Our consultancy services remove obstacles to the adoption of the skills-based model at your organization. 

Our team of experts can provide you with; ready-to-use paths for transitioning to the skills-based organizational model, proven skills management methodologies to help you reach your business objectives, and strategies to manage employee expectations