Learn what a tech skills assessment solution can do to improve your business

7 benefits of a tech screening solution

By Dale Cullen

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1. Reduce manual work

With tools like DevSkiller TalentScore, testing and evaluating of a candidate’s skills happens automatically. Saving employees a lot of work.

2. Set a benchmark pass rate

Tech screening tools evaluate candidates objectively, so they can also provide a benchmark level for candidates to aim for.


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3. A technical screening tool can improve your candidate experience

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Quickening the hiring process 

Providing precise feedback

Challenging candidates with real-world work examples

Improve your candidate experience by:

Time that a recruiter would usually spend screening candidates, can be spent fast-tracking the best candidates through the pipeline—reducing time-to-hire.

4.  Improve time to hire

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The 5 questions to ask when choosing a technical assessment solution




6. Better performance predictability

Candidates will be assessed based on challenges similar to the actual work they will be doing in the role.


Precise Feedback

Pinpoint exact areas where a candidate has excelled or not. Offer precise feedback on how they can improve.

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