DevSkiller Digital & IT Skills Report 2023

The report lays out the emerging trends of tech talent hiring. The 2023 insights are based on 209,249 skills assessments sent through the DevSkiller platform to candidates and employees globally.

The demand for Blockchain skills increased by 552%

This made Blockchain the fastest-growing in-demand IT skill on the DevSkiller skills assessment and management cloud platform.

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Top 5 most in-demand Blockchain skills

1) Solidity (44%) 2) Hardhat (22%) 3) Smart Contracts (15%) 4) Truffle (11%) 5) Chainlink (8%)

The tech talent job market is splitting up into two types of roles, each with a different type of desired skills. On the one hand, we observe a growing demand for roles that require deep technical expertise and sophisticated IT skills like Cloud Native Java. On the other hand, companies expect a certain level of “softer” digital skills proficiency even from traditionally non-technical employees.

JavaScript was the most popular IT skill in 2022

With a 23% share in the number of skills assessments sent to candidates and employees, Javascript overtook last year’s winner Java (19%) as well as SQL (16.60%), Python (8.50%), and PHP (5.70%).

Junior developers on average require only 40 skills

However, for mid-level & senior developers this number grows to 106 and 150 skills respectively.

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The skills threshold even for the mid-level positions hangs pretty high. As a result, many companies are adjusting their recruitment strategies to focus on acquiring high-potential juniors who can be later upskilled. On top of that, we see a growing demand for a seamless and efficient way of reskilling the current employees to limit layoffs.

Demand surge for junior developers

More than half (50.74%) of skills assessment invitations in 2022 were for junior developers. At the same time, 17.98% were for middle developers and 31.28% for senior developers and engineers.

For more data-backed tech talent insights, download the full version of the DevSkiller Digital & IT Skills 2023 report.