Junior developer interview questions

By Dale Cullen

What does a Junior software developer do? -Writing basic code -App enhancements -Bug fixes -Code reviews -Quality assurance -Assisting senior members of the team -Code maintenance -Design -System integration


Juniors make up the majority of tests on the DevSkiller platform 

Source: DevSkiller Top IT Skills Report 2022

You can't look for experience. So, look at qualifications, as well as side projects they are involved with.

How to assess junior developers?

Your Junior developer interview questions should help you to answer two main questions: Do they have a passion for programming? Do they know the pros and cons of the relevant technologies?

Junior Software developer requirements

– Knowledge of programming languages:- HTML, JavaScript, C++, Python – Basic ability to write code – Knowledge of databases, data structures, & operating systems – Knowledge of email systems and web pages – Ability to learn new software and technologies quickly – Knowledge of unit tests

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Interview tips

Look properly at the candidate’s resume, and tailor your questions towards the specific technologies and frameworks in which they claim to be most proficient.

Junior developer interview questions

Start questions with phrases like— "Tell me about a time when...."  The goal is to get your candidate talking about their past projects.

For junior developer interview question examples and full details on what to look out for in the interview, check out the link below.  You can recruit the best junior developers in no time!