Top IT skills 2022

By Dale Cullen

DevSkiller Top IT skills - 2022

The latest DevSkiller IT skills report is out and it features some interesting results on what are the top tech skills in 2022.  

Data science was the biggest mover on the DevSkiller platform with a 295% growth! 

One of the Top IT skills to learn in 2022!

Machine Learning 


“Data scientists focus on the ins and outs of the algorithms, while machine learning engineers work to ship the model into a production environment that will interact with its users.”—  Towards data science

“The global DevOps market size was valued at $ 6.78 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $57.90 billion by 2030.”


4th highest earning tech job

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A cloud architect is responsible for maintaining a company’s cloud infrastructure, as well as cloud management.

Cloud architect

Cloud architect


What does a cloud architect do?



Blockchain is a person-to-person digital transaction record for increased security in online transactions.

Blockchain tests increased  in popularity by 216.67% on the DevSkiller platform in 2021

Did you know...?

JavaScript was the most popular technology in the world in 2021.

DevSkiller IT Skills report

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