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Discover, measure, and grow your talent with gestão de competências

Get the full picture of tech and digital skills in your company to align talent with your business needs.

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What you get

Your internal talent hub

Empower your workforce with effective skills management

Skills management: Skills maps

Map and manage skills across your organization

360° view of employee skills

Get full visibility into skills on all granularity levels: employee, team, and company levels.

Interactive skill maps

Understand company strengths and weaknesses. Identify critical skills you are missing to close present and future gaps.

Critical skills insights

Track employee skill development over time by regularly evaluating skill proficiency.

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Skills management: Report builder

Design a future-fit skills program

Get a bird’s eye view of the skills in your organization

Get full visibility in skill and remove the guesswork from skills-related decisions.

Build high-performing teams

Place the right people in the right positions to enable your employees to deliver on business objectives.

 Turn skills into a competitive advantage

Access advanced analytics into company, team, and individual skills to build high-performing teams with ease.

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Skills management: Employee status

Unlock your internal talent

Enhance workforce agility

Cut time to market by applying the necessary skills to projects quickly and efficiently.

Increase internal mobility

Point managers to qualified employees from within the company to deploy projects faster.

Reduce hiring costs

Slice talent acquisition and onboarding costs by filling critical roles from within your organization.

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Skills management: Feature

Close skill gaps before they emerge

Understand company strengths and weaknesses

Hire, promote, and upskill people to keep your tech stack relevant as requirements change

Intuitive and interactive dashboards

Easily track your organization’s skills inventory through our interactive dashboards.

Tailored upskilling and reskilling programs

Operate seamlessly through organizational challenges such as hiring freezes and talent scarcity.

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Skills management: Promotion process

Keep your employees happy and engaged

Accelerate employee development with personalized career paths

Create multidimensional career paths focused on skills, performance, and experience goals.

Tie in learning initiatives with specific business needs

Design structured learning programs focused on mentorship, learning courses, certifications, skills recommendations, and more.

Reduce turnover

Tap into your employees’  interests and ambitions to help them learn in-demand skills,

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  • We recommend TalentBoost to every company focused on effective skills management. It helps us build better project teams while providing value to both our employees and customers.
  • At Orange, DevSkiller is designed be part of our human capital strategy. We are planning the skills management process to have access to new quality data to align training and internal mobility programs with our business objectives

Perguntas frequentes

DevSkiller  is an end-to-end skills management and assessment platform focused on digital and IT skills.  The platform comprises two solutions: TalentScore and TalentBoost. 

TalentBoost is a skills management platform focused on defining, measuring, and managing digital & IT skills. The platform provides skill data visualizations at the company, team, and individual levels. This data gives managers the opportunity to improve people-project fit, facilitate learning, and help employees navigate their careers. 

TalentScore is a technical assessment solution used to preselect candidates based on their real-life coding skills. The RealLifeTesting™ methodology accurately identifies top performers to interview, saving hours of  IT and HR time.
A gestão de competências é um passo importante na transição para o modelo de organização baseado em competências e permite que os funcionários contribuam sempre que necessário. 

Embora o modelo baseado no emprego tenha sido utilizado para capacitar os trabalhadores no passado, revela-se demasiado rígido para a força de trabalho digital do futuro. As empresas baseadas em competências são mais produtivas e respondem mais rapidamente à evolução do panorama empresarial. São também capazes de reter mais facilmente os trabalhadores com melhor desempenho do que as empresas que se concentram em funções tradicionais. Isto deve-se ao facto de uma grande parte do potencial não ser aproveitado ao limitar a capacidade de uma pessoa a executar apenas as tarefas associadas à sua função. Sem ferramentas de gestão de competências, as empresas não conseguem explorar o verdadeiro potencial dos seus colaboradores. 

Além disso, o ciclo de vida das competências digitais é mais curto do que nunca, o que significa que as competências se tornam rapidamente obsoletas.
To kick off your skills management initiative, you need to map the present skills inventory within your organization. To speed it up, you can use our library of predefined skills and skill sets available in DevSkiller TalentBoost. These include the most popular skills and skill categories typical of given roles.
TalentBoost was built using 10+ years of skills assessments from a database of over half a million records. We’re much more than a  skills management software provider – we’re your strategic partner throughout the entire change process. Our consultancy services can help you facilitate the adoption of the skills-based model at your organization. Our team of experts can share our; ready-to-use paths for transitioning to the skills-based organizational model, proven skills management methodologies to help you reach your business objectives, and strategies to manage employee expectations.

Our skill proficiency assessments come from multiple sources for more objectivity. These include self-assessments, supervisor assessments, and DevSkiller TalentScore technical assessments. Adding more sources of skills information removes bias and helps build a meritocracy-centric company culture where employees are hired and promoted based on their skills.
The company Skills Map helps visualize your skills inventory as of today and provides detailed insights into your skills gaps. 

You can also view, search, and edit all of your skills with ease in the Skills Manager. Find out which teams and employees have a given skill, add skill relations, recommend skills to be learned, and see people close to achieving a particular skill.
DevSkiller TalentBoost provides a stellar user experience that manifests itself through high employee engagement. Our customer data shows that 9 out of 10 employees volunteer to participate in skills management initiatives in TalentBoost.