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Remote hiring on a global scale

Find talent no matter where it lies with our comprehensive technical assessment and interview solution.

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What you get

Remote hiring has never been easier

Build fully remote engineering teams at scale

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Scalable remote hiring process

Technical assessments focused on skills

Evaluate your candidate’s skills with objective technical assessments based on real programming tasks.

Conduct remote technical interviews

Interview candidates anywhere in the world to assess their experience and role fit.

Code pairing with live video

Collaborate with candidates to understand how they write code and solve problems in real time.

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Unmatched candidate experience

Bias-free hiring

Make bias-free hiring decisions that are based on your candidate’s skills with our objective technical assessments.

World-class coding experience

Candidates can choose to edit the project source code in a Git repository, download & upload their code or use our powerful in-browser IDE powered by JetBrains.

Provide instant objective feedback

Send automated results to candidates within minutes after completing their technical assessment.

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Entrevista técnica

Technical assessments that mirror real-life

A metodologia RealLifeTesting™

All DevSkiller technical assessments are powered by our belief that the recruitment process should mirror the real-life work of a developer.

Testes de amostras de trabalho

Our technical assessments are work-sample tests exactly like a developer will encounter on their first day of the job.

220+ technologies available

We provide support in over 220 technologies covering front-end, back-end, full stack, mobile, DevOps, and loads more.

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Seguro e fiável

Stringent privacy regulations

We are compliant with all of the major privacy regulations including European GDPR and ISO 27001.

World-class data security

We use industry leading data security providers such as Google Cloud Services, Cisco Duo security, and Datadog.

Safe and secure with 99.95% uptime

Safe and secure with 99.95% uptime

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O que dizem os nossos clientes

  • Depois de mudar para o DevSkiller, temos visto menos candidatos a cair e menos atrasos no processo. Atualmente temos cerca de 10-15% de candidatos a cair nesta fase por várias razões. Mais importante ainda, temos agora gestores de contratação que utilizam consistentemente a mesma plataforma de testes e atribuições técnicas nas diferentes áreas e equipas. Alguns estão agora a criar novos testes de forma colaborativa.
  • Antes do TalentScore, sempre que havia um desafio técnico, estávamos a perder $200 de produtividade. Numa organização onde as horas facturáveis são a chave do nosso sucesso, o DevSkiller ajudou-nos a manter as pessoas facturáveis a trabalhar em projectos facturáveis, e não a fazer avaliações. Os RH e os empregados que não são facturáveis estão a assumir isso.
  • A automatização do TalentScore permite-nos concentrar mais nas competências transversais e em alguns dos detalhes mais finos e na arquitetura do código do candidato. Deixamos o TalentScore fazer o trabalho pesado para que os nossos engenheiros passem apenas 5-10 minutos a rever o código.

Perguntas frequentes

DevSkiller is an end-to-end platform to assess and manage tech skills throughout the entire employee lifecycle. We provide two solutions; DevSkiller TalentScore and DevSkiller TalentBoost. 

DevSkiller TalentScore is our technical assessment solution used to screen and interview developers and accurately predict their role fit through work-sample tasks. DevSkiller TalentBoost is a skills management solution that is built to define, measure, manage, and grow employee’s digital & IT skills.
There are many benefits for remote hiring, none more so than accessing a large and diverse pool of developers. Remote hiring is a huge advantage in a tight developer talent market because you can find people from across the globe to fill vacant positions. Many of our customers are taking advantage of borderless hiring by securing tech talent in specific time zones that are similar to their own. In an already scarce developer labor market you need every advantage you can get to secure the best talent and fuel your company growth.
A good remote hiring process starts with sourcing talented candidates either from a job ad or searching online. Once you’ve found an interesting candidate, it’s time to evaluate their skills effectively. To do so, you should always check Stack Overflow and GitHub to check their previous projects and then evaluate their skills with a DevSkiller technical assessment. For fully remote hiring processes, anti-plagiarism features of TalentScore are especially valuable.  If you are satisfied with their assessment results you should evaluate their soft skills in an interview and then finally dig deeper into their hard skills with a technical interview. Using DevSkiller, you can also run a paired programming session with video to code alongside the candidate. Once you have completed these steps and are confident your candidate will be a good fit for the role, it’s time to extend an offer.
There are over 220 technologies available within our catálogo de testes de codificação. We have a range of different tasks available (over 5000 in fact) that include multiple choice questions, code gaps, SQL tasks, and our industry-leading programming tasks. Whether you’re hiring for front-end, back-end, full-stack, DevOps, mobile or so much more, we have got you covered.
60-90 minutes is generally an adequate amount of time to take a DevSkiller technical assessment. There is also an in-built recommendation time allocation tool to help you calculate the amount of time needed for candidates to complete a DevSkiller technical assessment.
DevSkiller technical assessments provide critical coding skill insights for developer candidates. There are several things that make up a great technical assessment platform. It starts with the candidate experience. DevSkiller technical assessments give an unmatched experience for your candidates that is centered around participating in a recruitment process that mirrors the real work of a developer. We also provide outstanding features like customized tests, automated and shareable reports, and integrations with other critical recruitment and HR software. We believe that DevSkiller aces all of those areas. But don’t take our word for it, reach out to us and take a look for yourself.
The RealLifeTesting™ methodology powers all DevSkiller technical assessments. The core of our methodology is that coding skills should be evaluated with work sample tests focused on coding. These work sample assignments mirror real-world work and provide highly accurate results. The RealLifeTesting™ methodology consists of three main pillars:; holistic testing, real-world testing conditions, and assessing the entire technology system.
Os benefícios da implementação das nossas avaliações técnicas variam consoante o seu atual processo de contratação e a forma como utiliza a nossa ferramenta. Os aspectos que irão definitivamente mudar para melhor, mas em diferentes graus, serão: objetividade no processo de avaliação, tempo gasto em cada avaliação, tempo gasto pelo seu pessoal técnico em entrevistas e avaliações, tempo gasto na criação de novas tarefas, experiência geral dos candidatos e acompanhamento da fase de cada um dos seus candidatos ao longo do processo.