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#DevRec Webinar Series

Tech recruitment unveiled:
Secrets to successful hiring



Jakub Kubrynski
Chief Executive Officer at DevSkiller

Gavin Hope
Senior Software Engineering Manager at Waters Corporation

Tomasz Nurkiewicz
Chief Technology Officer at DevSkiller

About the webinar

Effective cooperation between hiring managers and recruiters is a must for successful tech recruitment. The role of IT during this process is of particular importance.

Unfortunately, a lack of good communication between HR and IT often leads to undesirable hiring results. Overcoming this challenge should be a top priority because it can be the difference in making your next great technical hire.

During Part 2 of our #DevRec Webinar Series, hear the perspective of IT about their role in the tech hiring process. Watch the recording now, to learn the blueprint for winning cooperation between HR and IT for successful tech recruitment.

By watching this webinar you will:

  • Hear first hand insights from our experienced panel of IT hiring managers
  • Get tips on how to work more effectively with your IT department for tech recruitment
  • Learn the biggest factors that impact HR and IT cooperation from the perspective of the IT hiring manager
  • Discover the necessary steps to make consistently great technical hires

Watch it now!

1 hour

Best for
Tech recruiters, hiring managers, HR professionals