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Helping organizations grow through effective skill management

Gain full control of your company skills, accelerate skill acquisition and boost employee retention

Hundreds of customers depend on the DevSkiller TalentTech Platform

What Is Possible Using Talentboost

Maximize Company Skills and Boost Employee Retention

State-of-the-art skills mapping platform

TalentBoost uses state-of-the-art skills ontologies that take talent management to a new level.

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Understand skills like no other

Unlike skills taxonomies, skills ontologies show you how skills work together across different categories giving you the most accurate picture of any role.

Rely on hard data

We leveraged the data from over 600 000 profile data to build our sophisticated skills ontologies.

Get a 360° view of your company skills

TalentBoost turns your entire company-wide skills into easily digestible visuals maps.

Advanced skill repository

TalentBoost comes preloaded with over 3000 digital and IT skills ready to be mapped right away.

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Bridge skills gaps

Thanks to its advanced structure, skills ontologies help you effectively locate skills gaps on a deeper level leaving no stone unturned.

Future-proof your workforce

Provide a vision for what your employees can become by acquiring the skills needed for tomorrow.

Define role requirements with ease

Skills ontologies show you exactly what skills are necessary to fill a specific role.

Comprehensive skill assessment

By incorporating our comprehensive assessment, you help eliminate bias from managerial decisions. Assess your workforce skills through TalentScore assessment, manager assessment, or self assessment.

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Assess technical skills with an unmatched precision

The TalentScore integration gives you access to world class technical skill validation directly in your dashboard.

Get your manager’s opinion

Managers can assess your employee’s skills for in-depth evaluation.

Save time with self-assessment

Self-assessment lets your employees map their skills to get you started with evolution faster.

Strategic employee development

Implement a points-based promotion approach to give your employees a transparent and fair way to advance their careers.

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Build engaged teams

By adopting a skills-based approach for promotion, you make sure the most competent employees help run your company.

Improve employee retention

Encourage your employees to build a future at your company.

Create a transparent working environment

Remove bias from organizational decisions with fair and clear promotion processes.

Insightful analytics and reporting

Our enhanced analytics dashboard provides detailed and actionable information on company-wide skills and competencies.

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Close skills gaps

TalentBoost helps you bridge skill gaps through highly-detailed reports.

Find the best talent for any position

TalentBoost comes with the job position fit report that shows the best employees for any position.

Run insightful skill proficiency comparisons

Compare skill proficiency on individual, team or company-wide levels and assess changes over time.

What our Customers are saying about us

  • TalentBoost, provided by DevSkiller, has proved to be a powerful tool, giving us a strategic view and benchmarks on skills. With an up-to-date database of high potentials and priority experts, we can better utilize our employees’ skills, leading to improved talent allocation across projects and teams. The data-driven insights have also empowered our managers, resulting in more effective workforce management and aligning team members’ skills with their specific roles. As a result, our managers are better equipped to guide their teams through change and transformation, effectively supporting our business goals.
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  • We recommend TalentBoost to every company focused on effective skills management. It helps us build better project teams while providing value to both our employees and customers.
    Monika Sobiecka

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