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2800+ employees 31 offices worldwide

Retargeting & internet advertising leader Criteo saves 200-400 days of work annually with DevSkiller

  • 100 technical professionals hired annually with DevSkiller
  • 2-4 days saved per each hire
  • Only 3.5 developers interviewed in-person to make one hire
 team photo
4,000+ employees Poland

Orange builds a future-facing company with TalentBoost

Codewise team photo
187 employees Founded in 2010

Codewise automatically identifies the top 2% internship applicants thanks to TalentScore

Jonah Group team photo
126 employees Canada

Jonah Group saves $20,000 per quarter with TalentScore, maximizes billable engineering hours

IKEA team photo
200K+ employees 43 countries

IKEA Retail (Ingka Group) pivot IKEA Talent Focus Week at the last minute, throw a fully remote talent-centric event

Wall Street Exchange team photo
350+ employees Dubai

Wall Street Exchange builds strong tech teams with TalentScore despite local talent scarcity

TPAY Mobile team photo
181 employees Egypt

TPAY MOBILE hires 45% of candidates who passed the TalentScore assessment despite local talent scarcity

DB1 Group team photo
500+ employees 100+ devs hired/year

DB1 Group hires 105 developers with DevSkiller in 12 months, speeds up technical screening by 1.5x

Headspring - part of Accenture team photo
Founded in 2001 Texas, US

Headspring cuts tech screening review time from 115 to 5 minutes with TalentScore

Ada Health team photo
250+ employees 5 offices worldwide

Ada Health saves 3 hours per candidate on technical screening, gets better candidate match

Mindera team photo
400+ employees 8 worldwide offices

Mindera increased interviewer satisfaction by 30%, hired 175+ developers with DevSkiller in 1 year

The Wise Seeker team photo
1K+ candidates assessed with TalentScore annually Madrid, Spain

The Wise Seeker hires 100+ developers per year, interviews a maximum of 5 candidates per hire

CodeValue team photo
200+ employees 50+ devs hired/year

CodeValue now hires 2.8x more developers 1.5x faster from the same talent pool

Aliz team photo
3 office locations 60+ employees

Google Breakthrough Partner Aliz sees 1.5x lower candidate dropout rate during screening

Clevertech team photo
500+ employees 142 products launched

Clevertech wins at remote recruitment with custom ATS and Slack integrations, has 90% fewer tech interviews

ImpacTech team photo
60+ employees Big Data & AI

ImpacTech is now able to fill 146% more tech openings with 39% fewer technical interviews

Spartez team photo
200+ employees Atlassian Partner

Spartez replaced an in-house solution with DevSkiller and reduced their interview load 8.6x

StepStone Services team photo
300 employees 20 countries

StepStone Services now screens out up to 40% of all their candidates before the first interview

Plutora team photo
90+ employees 3 offices worldwide

Plutora cut their technical interview count by 50%, saved 8 hours of dev time per candidate

Veriday team photo
77 employees 40+ devs hired/year

Veriday cut tech interviews by 40% and now interviews only 3 candidates to hire 1 developer

Kodilla team photo
75+ employees E-learning

Coding bootcamp Kodilla cut the cost of grading their tests by 50% and added 4x more new tests

Lingonberry team photo
Recruitment agency Sweden

Lingonberry fixed their inefficient technical screening and cut their interview load by half

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89.6% of users would recommend DevSkiller

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“We’ve cut down the amount of in-person interviews we need to hold by 65+% by being able to realize what the level of experience the candidate demonstrates within code very similar to our own.”

Bryan WSoftware Engineer
Rating: 5/5

“A critical part of our Recruitment Process! This platform saves us energy. We trust DevSkiller to handle our practical assessment needs. Their support team is always at the ready, providing us with timely advice, whether the query is technical or account orientated.”


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