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Pricing FAQ

1. Why we don't provide exact pricing on our website?

Our solution is easy to implement.

But it’s not plug and play. We’ve got a few options and variants, so it’s better if we customize the setup to your particular needs.

We know it’s a bit more time-consuming.

But based on our experience, it’s worth investing 20 minutes for our call to identify the areas needed for our support. It’ll be time-saving for you in the end.

Our solution serves more than one purpose.

Therefore we cannot provide you with an exact price without getting to know your objectives.

2. Can I try DevSkiller for free?

Sure! Your first 7 days are free of charge, with no credit card details required. All you need to do is to sign up for a free  trial. Our team is also happy to give you a screen share demo so that you can discover its full potential.

3. How can I start using DevSkiller?

You can sign up and start testing candidates in less than 5 minutes. The fastest way is to choose one of the tests verifying a certain skill from our predefined library of tests prepared by our experts. The next step is to invite candidates to take the test. If you want, you can customize each part of the test or prepare your own one from scratch.

4. What if I need help with creating a test?

Our support will help you make the most of DevSkiller. You can always ask us for help and we really mean it.

5. Can I use my own code base to create a test?

Yes, creating your own, 100% custom tests is a feature available for premium pricing plans. If you want to see how it works, just start a free trial and test it yourself.

6. Do I need to be a programmer to use DevSkiller?

We made DevSkiller as simple and as automated as it can possibly be. Our ready-to-use tests prepared by IT experts allow non-technical users to verify technical skills of the candidates screened. If you have a technical person on-site, you can prepare a test from scratch.