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Technical assessments that put skills first

Dig deeper into your candidate’s coding skills with technical assessments based on real-life assignments.

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All it takes is 3 steps

  1. Define the skills you need

    You know better than anyone the skills you need. With over 500 ready-made assessments available at your fingertips,  you can start testing immediately.

  2. Send the test invite

    DevSkiller candidates enjoy our technical assessments with a test completion rate of over 93%. Easily integrate with your favorite ATS and add your company’s logo along with other flexible branding possibilities.

  3. Get actionable results

    Automatically score and share results for easy collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers. Get candidate benchmarks to compare and select the developer that’s right for you. 

Discover what makes DevSkiller technical assessments different

RealLifeTesting Methodology

The RealLifeTesting™ Methodology

Work-sample testing

DevSkiller technical assessments are built to replicate the actual work that a developer is likely to encounter on their first day of the job.

Real-world testing environment.

Testing conditions identical to those that a developer would be working on for a real-world project.

The entire technology ecosystem

Get a 360° view of your candidate’s coding skills by assessing your candidate’s knowledge of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools.

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A Technology for Every Hire

200+ Technologies

Front-end to back-end, iOS to DevOps, Salesforce to Data Science; our technical assessments will help you hire the developer you need.

5,000+ Individual Recruitment Tasks

An industry-leading library of recruitment tasks; get invaluable insights into your candidate’s programming skills and technical knowledge.

500+ Predefined Assessments

Start testing immediately with a wide range of programming tasks, code gaps, multiple choice questions, and other types for a variety of roles.

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Technical assessments candidate experience

Ultimate Candidate Experience

Sophisticated Coding Environment

Candidates can get the amazing experience of using IntelliJ IDEA in their browser with DevSkiller technical assessments.

Complete Coding Flexibility

Candidates can choose whether they edit the project source code in a Git repository, download & upload the code or use our in-browser editor.

Personalized Feedback

Deliver objective feedback to candidates on time and without delay.

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Custom task builder

Custom Assessment Builder

Advanced Assessment Creator

Use our online task wizard to create your own custom assessments with your own codebase.

Automatic Duration Calculator

Eliminate the guesswork to determine how long candidates need to take the assessment.

24-hour Support

Friendly support, guidebooks, and video materials to help you every step of the way.

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Technical assessments security

Global Security Standards

We are GDPR & ISO Compliant

We are in compliance with most major privacy regulations including the European GDPR and information and security management specification ISO 27001.

Data Security of the Highest Global Standards

We use industry-leading security partners like Google Cloud Services, Cisco Duo Security, and Datadog to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Secure and reliable

We guarantee an uptime of 99.95% for critical components and 99.5% for non-critical components of our platform.

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What our customers say

  • TalentScore automation allows us to focus more on soft skills and some of the finer details and architecture of the candidate’s code. We let TalentScore do the heavy lifting so our engineers only spend 5-10 minutes reviewing the code.
  • Before TalentScore, every time there was a technical challenge, we were losing $200 of productivity. In an organization where billable hours are key to our success, DevSkiller has helped us keep billable people working on billable projects, and not doing assessments. The HR and employees who aren’t billable are taking that over.
  • After switching to DevSkiller, we’ve seen fewer candidates dropping and fewer delays in the process. We currently have around 10-15% of candidates dropping at this stage for various reasons. More importantly, we now have hiring managers consistently using the same testing platform and technical assignments across the different goes and teams. Some are now collaboratively creating new tests.


DevSkiller is an end-to-end platform to assess and manage tech skills throughout the entire employee lifecycle. We provide two solutions. TalentScore, our technical assessment solution which is used to screen and interview developers and to accurately predict how they will perform on the job. The other product being TalentBoost which is a skills management platform to define, measure, and manage digital and IT skills.
Instead of pulling your technical staff to do hours of interviews for candidates that do not fit you (skill-wise),  you could be using DevSkiller automated technical assessments to only spend time and energy on those that actually could be a good fit. Instead of interviewing 20 people you might only end up interviewing 2. You will not only have unbiased, objective evaluation, but your technical staff will actually thank you for letting them do their job without interruption. And that is to code and create solutions for whatever problems they were presented with.
We provide technical assessments for over 220 technologies. You can check out the full list here plus others for which we have tasks (questions and challenges created). There are even more covered but perhaps are not in large numbers so we did not create categories for them in order to keep everything neat and easy to navigate.
We recommend a time between 60-90 minutes for a DevSkiller technical assessment. Our predefined assessments come with a recommended time allocation and for custom assessments we provide you with an automatic assessment duration calculator.
DevSkiller technical assessments provide robust and relevant skill validations for candidates, recruiters, and tech leads. There are many things that make an assessment platform good. Great candidate experience, tasks that actually give you a good prediction of how a candidate might perform at work, ability to customize tests, extensive reporting, integrations with other platforms etc. We believe that DevSkiller aces all of those areas. But don’t take our word for it, reach out to us and take a look for yourself.
The DevSkiller RealLifeTesting™ Methodology uses modern, on-the-job technical exercises to accurately validate technical skills. This proprietary methodology powers all DevSkiller technical assessments. The core of our methodology is that coding skills should be evaluated with work sample tests focused on coding. These work sample assignments mirror real-world work and provide highly accurate results. The RealLifeTesting™ methodology consists of three main pillars; holistic testing, real-world testing conditions, and assessing the entire technology system.
The benefits of implementing our technical assessments will vary depending on your current hiring process and the way you use our tool. The things that will most definitely change for the better but to various degrees will be: objectivity in the evaluations process, time spent on each evaluation, time spent by your technical staff on interviews and evaluations, time spent on creating new tasks, overall candidates experience, and following the stage of each of your candidates through the process.