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TalentScore Basic

$3,000 | 50% discount for first year

Sign up for DevSkiller TalentScore Basic and send unlimited tests. The subscription provides access for one user to create, manage, and distribute tests. You can recruit up to three active roles simultaneously. You’ll have access to native tests and functionality to upload custom content, as well as automated scoring and detailed candidate reports. The subscription includes Community Support and access to the DevSkiller knowledge centre

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Frequently asked questions

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  • What technologies does DevSkiller TalentScore Basic cover?
    Your subscription includes access to the following technologies; JavaScript, Java, SQL, Python, PHP, Data Science, COBOL, Scala, HTML/CSS, Go, Flutter, .NET/C#, Blockchain, C/C++, NoSQL, Groovy, and Ruby on Rails.
  • When will I start paying for the DevSkiller TalentScore Basic subscription?
    During the first 5 days of your subscription we place a temporary hold on the subscription fee. If you decide to cancel your subscription within these 5 days we will release the hold with the exception of the onboarding services fee.
  • Can I pause or cancel my DevSkiller TalentScore Basic subscription?
    Yes, your DevSkiller TalentScore Basic subscription can be cancelled within the first 5 days. After this period, it is no longer possible to cancel or pause your subscription. Your DevSkiller TalentScore Basic subscription is active for a period of 12 months effective from the activation date.
  • Can I upgrade my DevSkiller TalentScore Basic subscription?
    Yes, you can upgrade your DevSkiller TalentScore Basic subscription at any time. If you’re looking for a more tailored solution you can always reach out to one of our product experts at

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