Recruit programmers the smart way

We make assessing programmers skills look like their 1st day at work,
that’s the best way to recruit them.







Verify actual skills instead of CV and school

The one and only way of testing candidates skills is to give them real life challenges. DevSKiller helps you test programming languages, frameworks and libraries they are going to use at position you are hiring for and puts them in natural IDE environment. We support e.g.:

Assess many programmers and don’t waste your time

Once you create your own test or choose one of our predefined challenges you can assess as many programmers as you want, all it takes is to send invitation and that’s it.

DevSKiller supports you in verifying many languages, frameworks and libraries with:

  • programming tasks
  • code review challenges
  • multiple-choice tests

Screen candidates results and interview only the best

DevSKiller automatically assesses and scores candidates delivering you final results in a clear and easy to screen report that you can use to compare all candidates between each other.

When you choose the ones you want to interview you can contact them straight from our system, just with one click of a button.

What do users think about DevSKiller

It checks real programming task, not only simple algorithms as other tools

It really tests you dev experience not only book knowledge

Devskiller checks what's important - asks teoretical questions, then there's a code review and a task to complete (with automatic tests).

It's great! Very simple to use. I had no problem with understanding the user interface. Your UX designer should get a pay rise!

First time I use DevSKiller and there was no problem to use it. Nice peace of software.