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Why is Devskiller better than other solutions?

Find top devs

Screen your candidates with work sample tests to identify real problem solvers.

Test what matters

Verify their knowledge of programming languages, frameworks and libraries even if you can’t code.

Fast & solid results

Make your hiring decisions data-driven and steer away from unconscious bias.

Live code pair with video

Interview candidates in real-time to evaluate their tech, communication and collaboration skills.

We test programming languages, frameworks and libraries. Others don’t.

Devskiller is for Tech Recruiters as well as Developers.

For Tech Recruiters

  • Start in seconds
  • Choose from ready tests or use Job description-based test wizard
  • Choose combination of languages, frameworks and libraries
  • Measure candidates’ coding skills automatically
  • Recruiter friendly – even if you don’t know how to code

For Developers

  • Create tests that exactly match specific skills needs
  • Develop coding tests using your own code base
  • Imitate companies’ programming environment
  • Choose specific build tools for certain technology
  • Developer friendly – documentation and sample projects

What our clients think about Devskiller

We've been incredibly happy with the level of customer service that we've received from you guys, which while obviously being awesome, has the negative side effect of making everyone else look really bad in comparison.

Ease at which we can send out an assessment campaign is amazing

It's easy to use for both our candidates and IT consultants. The cool thing about it is that it allows us to implement a variety of tasks and helps us "smoothen-up" the recruitment process.

DevSKiller is great when it comes to distribute and later check assessments that we give to our students.