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TalentTech solution for staffing, talent management and engineering teams

Unlock the Future of Workforce Management: Transform Staffing, Empower Teams, and Optimize Engineering Excellence.

Hundreds of customers depend on the DevSkiller TalentTech Platform

Game-Changing Solution to Attract and Secure Talent

Unleash the power of data-driven hiring

Talent acquisition

Elevate your technical talent acquisition with authentic, real-world coding assignments.

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TalentScore in browser code editor with a programming task being edited.

Bridge the skills gap, and empower your organization


Gain unparalleled insight into your employees’ IT and digital skills to align talent with business needs.

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Foster growth and cultivate high-performing teams


Empower employees to master current skills and future-proof their careers.

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What our customers say about us

  • At Orange, DevSkiller TalentBoost is designed to be a part of our human capital strategy. We are planning the skills management process to have access to new quality data to align training and internal mobility programs with our business objectives.
    Zuzanna Woźniak 1
  • After switching to DevSkiller, we’ve seen fewer candidates dropping and fewer delays in the process. We currently have around 10-15% of candidates dropping at this stage for various reasons. More importantly, we now have hiring managers consistently using the same testing platform and technical assignments across the different geos and teams. Some are now collaboratively creating new tests.
  • Before TalentScore, every time there was a technical challenge, we were losing $200 of productivity. In an organization where billable hours are key to our success, DevSkiller has helped us keep billable people working on billable projects, and not doing assessments. The HR and employees who aren’t billable are taking that over.
  • Having a strict deadline is great because it’s easier to manage and oversee the pipeline. Also, less time is needed on our side to evaluate the solutions submitted.

    We are very satisfied with the results. We can often
    save around one week of hiring time with TalentScore, but it usually depends on the candidates’ availability
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