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We use DevSkiller in 15 locations around our 3 regions (US/APAC/EMEA). Per every hire, we’ve saved on average 2 to 4 days which is significant given that we hire 100 people using DevSkiller every year.

Julien Gauthiez
Talent Acquisition Manager EMEA at Criteo

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Thanks to automating the screening stage, we were able to reduce the interview rate by 50%. At the same time, the quality of candidates who make it to the interview stage is now much greater. DevSkiller adds an extra layer of quality to our technical hiring process.

Richard Williams
VP of Engineering at Plutora

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We’ve replaced a high-maintenance in-house solution with DevSkiller. Our process looks the same, however, the product gives us better performance. The results are also way easier to assess.

Patrycja Kiljanska
Talent Acquisition Specialist at Spartez

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DevSkiller is a time-saver for all the parties involved. We were able to improve our quality of hires, hiring diversity, and cost per hire.

Ivana Nikolic
HR Manager at ImpacTech

We test programming languages, frameworks and libraries.
Others don’t.

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Having the ability to build custom tests in the exact environment we’re looking for is amazing. The candidates can choose how they want to complete the tests, one of which is downloading the complete project and working in the IDE they are familiar with.

Calvin G.
Development Manager

I love how easy it was to create tests to administrator to my candidates. I also love how the testing incorporates several styles like multiple choice, analyzing pre-written code, and writing their own code.

CEO & Founder

DevSkiller is a great way to evaluate efficiently the developers technical skills. Their predefined tests are perfect for cost-efficient recruitment processing or you can simply create your own evaluation using this tool.


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