About us

Our main goal is to enable assessing tech talent in a simple and effective way.

Brief history of Devskiller

Devskiller was born out of our frustration. Being a connector between HR and IT team we faced problems with recruiting programmers each day:

  1. we wasted a lot of time of our best developers on verifying tech skills of weak candidates,
  2. HR team wasn’t able to verify actual programming skills of candidates by themselves,
  3. our recruiting process took too much time and we didn’t have manpower to shorten it.

The solutions on the market were all testing book knowledge, which is good for hiring students, but we wanted to find real problem solvers that are aware of modern technologies.
That is when an obvious thought struck our mind:

blockquoteIf we want to recruit a programmer, we should imitate natural environment he works in and give him tasks straight from work that he will do, kind of 1st day at work experience during assessment.

What’s more, the real value is hidden not only in finding developers who mastered a programming language, but also know certain frameworks and libraries inside out.

We’ve achieved it all, so you can recruit programmers the smart way.


Jakub Kubrynski


The mind behind the scene, a programmer with social skills. For years helped top companies to develop IT teams, which laid the foundation for Devskiller. He is often a speaker on international technical conferences where he shares his knowledge with others.

Marek Kaluzny


He calls himself one-man-army but he knows the worth of his team. He always finds a solution for all tech challenges. Advises first-time customers to assist them in fully grasping the Devskiller platform. Works hard on making applications easier for users without a technical background.

Mariusz Smykula


Keeps the whole machine safe and running. He’s a system administration expert and software developer, focused on best practices and modern solutions. He brings automated application builds and code quality measurements to a whole new level.

Katarzyna Kandefer


True guardian of the company, keeps everything in line. She connects customer needs and product development to get the best value out of Devskiller. Materializes ideas and makes things happen.

Tomasz Winter


Natural born growth hacker. Loves to talk to people and build business relations with them. Generates million ideas per second, likes to experiment and find new ways to achieve goals.