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Coding was never about solving algorithm puzzles. Developer testing tools shouldn’t be either. That’s why these 5 brainiacs came up with Devskiller. The older solutions on the market simply didn’t test real developer skills. Why ask developers to show general, algorithmic knowledge instead of the skills they actually need for the job?

We developed the RealLifeTestingTM methodology to find actual problem solvers. Skilled developers complete our tests with the satisfaction of having solved a practical business challenge, not frustrated by trivial brain teasers. We have found that the best developers are able to use the entire programming environment to create great software. That’s why we test more than just the language. Speaking of languages – we speak over 30 in our office. English, C++, Java, Go and more. If you haven’t already guessed, we are a hard-working group of developers and free thinkers who love coming together to solve meaningful challenges. When we’re not coming up with better ways to verify and map skills, we’re busy crushing high scores on our PlayStation.

Devskiller Global Technical Hiring & Skills Report 2019

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