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Why reskilling can become your most effective
tech talent acquisition strategy


Brianna Rooney
CEO at Thriversity and TalentPerch

Ryan Agresta
CEO and Founder of Candidate

Jakub Kubrynski
CEO and Cofounder of DevSkiller

About the webinar

The global digital talent shortage is placing mounting pressure on HR professionals to fill in-demand roles. With so many positions in need, there simply isn’t enough talent available on the market.

It is for this reason, so many organizations are looking to their internal workforce as a valid alternative to external recruitment. Upskilling and reskilling have quickly become critical strategies to fill the void that the global tech talent shortage creates.

During the webinar, our expert panelists discussed this challenge and explained how reskilling & upskilling can supplement your digital talent acquisition strategy.

Why should you watch the recording?

  • Discover why reskilling plays a key role in talent acquisition
  • Learn how to get internal buy-in for reskilling investment
  • Hear key reskilling experiences from our panel of HR professionals
  • See why reskilling is a critical component of employee value proposition


1 hour

Who’s it for?
Tech Recruiters, HR professionals, Talent Acquisition Specialists