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Proteger o método de edição de artigos Teste para Programador Java intermédio | Segurança Spring

Nível global de antiguidade
Duração do ensaio
66 minutos

Resumo do teste

O teste é composto por várias tarefas. Tarefa de programação e perguntas de escolha. Todas são avaliadas automaticamente.

Tipos de tarefas

Tarefa de programação

Java | Spring Security | Secure the article editing method - Secure methods to allow only the article author to create and read an article with his name, using method annotations.

Nível: Médio

Competências testadas: Gradle, Java, Java 17, Spring Security

Perguntas de escolha

10 choice questions assessing knowledge of CleanCode, Concurrency, I/O system, Java, Stream API

Nível: Médio

Competências testadas: CleanCode, Concurrency, I/O system, Java, Stream API

Avaliação automática

Pontuamos automaticamente testes de escolha múltipla e tarefas de programação e avaliamos o código candidato candidatos quanto à correção lógica, eficiência temporal e qualidade do código.

Test for Middle Java Developer and interview questions

It is essential to check the technical skills of your Middle Java Developers before considering them in your hiring process. Having your candidate take a Java skills test for a Middle Java Developer is essential to figuring out which developers to invite for an interview and which to pass on.

This is because this test is devised by subject matter experts who understand exactly which skills are most useful to a Middle Java Developer and which Java interview questions to ask. Our unique way of verifying whether your Middle Java Developer is able to do the work you give them or not.

Devskiller’s RealLifeTesting™ methodology powers this test and is based on the actual types of tasks that your developer will get stuck into once they start at your company. This way you can evaluate both your candidate’s business logic and their coding skill

Ideal for Middle Java Developer roles

This test is specifically designed to evaluate the skills of a Middle Java Developer who has 3 to 5 years worth of experience. Use it to make sure that your candidate will be able to do the actual work of the Middle Java Developer. Of course, the suggested amount of experience is all relative. The best way to decide whether your Middle Java Developer has the right skills is to give them the test.

This Middle Java online test is useful for screening candidates for the following positions:

  • Programador Java intermédio
  • Programador Java intermédio
  • Engenheiro de software Java intermédio
  • Programador de software Java intermédio
  • Programador de software Java intermédio
  • Programador Java de backend intermédio

Why you should use a Devskiller Middle Java online test as a java skill test

We’ve been on the market for over 3 years now and already, our tests are providing an incredible return on investment. Devskiller’s Middle Java Developer test, for instance, will lead to a significant reduction in on-site interviews, sometimes even up to 65%. No longer will you need to spend the valuable time of your technical interviewers on developer candidates who simply can’t do the work.

Why you need a good Java online test if you are a tech recruiter 

Devskiller’s RealLifeTesting™ which our Middle Java Developer test is built on utilizes the kinds of tasks that your Middle Java Developer will do on their first day of work for you. Because it is the actual work they will do it will show you exactly whether the candidate will be a good fit for your company. 

Devskiller customers can see their IT recruitment process improve by:  

  • decreasing their Time-to-Hire by 60%
  • reducing the number of unnecessary interviews by 65%
  • Screening candidates faster and more accurately