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In an industry dependent on successful tech recruitment, we’re here to make sure you’ve got all the tools and know-how you need.

The DevSkiller Academy is a chance to develop the essential skills you need to succeed in modern tech recruitment. A series of FREE courses designed to assist tech recruiters at every step.

Combined with DevSkiller TalentScore for technical screening, and TalentBoost for digital skills development, DevSkiller is helping to revolutionize the technical hiring industry. Take one of our free courses and start your journey to technical hiring wisdom.

Tech recruitment certification course

The first course in the DevSkiller Academy provides an introduction to tech recruitment and insight into the challenges typically faced by IT recruiters. Covering the fundamentals of IT recruitment, the course offers helpful creative sourcing techniques, hiring process optimization hacks, and much more.

The Tech Recruitment Certification Course can be completed in a matter of hours. After which, you will be a certified tech recruitment specialist, with the certification to show for it!

Included in the course:

  • 2 Ebooks
  • 19 chapters
  • 45 questions

Tech Recruitment +

DevSkiller Academy

The second stage in the DevSkiller Academy is a chance to hone the skills you learned in course one, and to develop your knowledge further. This follow-on course deals specifically with the cooperation between HR and IT during tech recruitment.

A streamlined technical hiring team is the key to success, and this course offers unique insight into how to develop a harmonious team, working together to hire the best possible tech candidates.

Tech Recruitment Plus is loaded with helpful tips and guidance throughout each stage of the tech recruitment process. This course is your chance to stay ahead of the competition.

Included in the course:

  • 1 Ebook
  • 11 chapters
  • 22 questions
  • 1 advanced tech recruitment certification

Why DevSkiller Academy?

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Launched in 2017

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Over 34K Course Participants

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