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Tech Recruitment +

Supercharge your HR & IT cooperation with our Back to School BootCamp


About Tech Recruitment +

Now is the time to take stock and refuel to drive home your tech talent acquisition goals for the year. In the Tech Recruitment + Back to School Bootcamp, we’ve loaded all our knowledge into one awesome certification course. Discover the formula to supercharge your HR and IT cooperation for lasting tech recruitment success.

11 chapters

22 questions

1 exam

1 certification badge

What’s in it for you?

  • Stay ahead of the game
    Gain an edge by staying on top of the latest tech recruitment practices
  • Learn how to find top tech talent
    Discover proven techniques to identify the most skilled candidates
  • Show off to the world
    Showcase your expertise to your colleagues and peers

Why Tech Recruitment +

Effective HR & IT cooperation is critical in technical recruitment. Sadly, information on improving this cooperation is alarmingly scarce. It was this scarcity that prompted us into action. We’ve combined our knowledge with the knowledge of our customers and other industry experts in this Back to School Bootcamp.

Discover proven techniques and strategies that will deliver incredible results. The Tech Recruitment + Back to School Bootcamp covers everything – from sourcing to hiring for lasting success!


What we cover

  • Defining the need
  • The job description
  • The job advertisement
  • Publishing the job advertisements
  • Sourcing
  • Skills assessments
  • The interview stage
  • Decision and offer
  • Feedback
  • Onboarding
  • Decision and feedback after the probationary period

Who’s it for?

  • Tech recruiters and talent acquisition specialists that want to stay on top of their game
  • HR managers who want to build a better IT recruitment process
  • IT leaders who want to find the best developers to join their team